December 2011 release

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Release notes for the December, 2011 LogicMonitor release, which will be applied to servers over the next week or so. (Account administrators will be notified about the applicable update time.)

New Features

  • Google map integration – you can show where hosts are located on a map that reflects their status.
  • It is now possible to monitor the same IP address (e.g. in two locations, so long as they are assigned to different agents and have a different display name.
  • SNMP v3 support for those sites requiring encrypted SNMP communication
  • Cluster Alerts: it is now possible to alert on the overall status of hosts or instances in a group, rather than individual hosts.


  • Event sources now support more than one active alert at a time per eventsource, allowing individual event acknowledgements, etc.
  • Event sources now have finer grained control, allowing disabling of an event source, or disabling the alerting of the event source, per host or per group, as well as showing the effective alert routing, and the ability to reply to Event alerts with the usual actions (SDT, ACK, etc.)
  • Allows the logo for the login screen to updated from the Settings..Account page
  • The host search field now includes the host description in the searched text.
  • The alert tab can now be sorted by group column
  • Adding a note to an alert no longer automatically acknowledges the alert.
  • New users are emailed on account creation.
  • Hyphens are now allowed in usernames
  • You can now either delete a non-empty host group, leaving it’s member hosts, or delete the group and all hosts.
  • Immediate execution of a network scan now allows the specification of a group for newly discovered hosts to be automatically placed into.
  • Ability to pass arguments into netscan scripts
  • Addition of a ##GROUPS## token in alert messages, which is replaced with the list of groups a host is a member of.
  • A rewrite of the Netapp API collector to deal with performance issues in OnTap 8
  • NetApp object discovery using the OnTap API now supports filtering by any object attribute
  • Ability to choose multiple groups in alert, inventory reports
  • New report class – Website Service overview
  • Website Services now have a pseudo datasource of “website”, for purposes of alert routing and filtering.
  • Web site services now support an Advanced monitor, allowing multi-step web transactions for synthetic monitoring
  • External Alerting via an agent sending traps now support configuring the snmp trap community.
  • Using a script on an agent to externally process alerts is now more flexible, as the standard set of tokens can now be passed to the script as parameters.
  • Long polling interval – the ability to collect data as infrequently as once per day
  • The webpage collector now supports circular redirects, up to a maximum of 3 redirects.
  • The ability to specify arbitrary ports when using HTTP Active Discover method and regular expression capture groups.

UI Improvements

  • graph tooltip now formats data to K, M, G
  • Chart tooltips now show datapoint description
  • Smarter legend wrapping for charts
  • Addition of checkboxes allowing the enabling/disabling of monitoring or alerting for all instances at once, on the Manage Instances and Alerting form.
  • Metric Trend reports now support multiple host groups
  • Full screen widgets (suitable for embedding in an iframe)
  • A variety of improvements to web site services – the ability to Show Alert Routing, Show Raw Data, Show Alert History

Bugs fixed

  • graphing a non stack after stack was incorrectly treated as stacked element
  • multiple “Alert Cleared” emails were incorrectly sent to CC recipients
  • Metric trend reports sorted by Metric value now are correctly ordered (by the average for the reported period.)
  • enabling time based escalation chains would clear previous stage definitions
  •  disabling alert on a group level did not disable alert on subgroups within that group
  •  maximizing NOC dashboard widget resulted in “page not found”. It now takes you to the Alerts tab.
  • In some edge cases, Host Down alerts were incorrectly sent after agent declared down. The agent being down should suppress host down alerts for hosts the agent monitors.
  • Under some cases, a user with view access to a limited set of hosts could create reports about hosts the user did not have role based access to
  • Errors acknowledging snmp trap event alerts
  • The Invert Match flag on website services monitoring was incorrectly set in all cases
  • The requirement that group names be unique has been correctly changed to only require a unique name within the same parent group.
  • time-based escalation chains and scheduled downtime schedules can now extend across midnight (e.g. support a  time range like 18:00 – 8:00)
  • editing a group with empty properties defined (to block the inheritence of the properties from higher in the host tree) would incorrectly remove the blank properties.
  • It is now possible to specify the datapoint type (gauge, counter, etc) on a script datasource datapoint if using the output directly.

Known Issues

  • There is no visual indication if event sources are disabled on a host or group level.
  • Clicking the link of a cluster alert in the alert tab will generate an error.
  • if a device is replaced with a different kind of device with the same IP address, the system.sysinfo property is not updated.