EA Collector - 30.100

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


  • Added an agent.conf directive (vault.credentials.refresh.delay) to control the Credential Vault integration cache expiration refresh delay.
  • Added JMX metrics for monitoring the CyberArk AAM Credential Vault integration.
  • Added two agent.conf properties (sse.collectorgroup.jvm.locale and collector.jvm.locale) to allow tweaking of JVM locale, which is sometimes needed to correct date parsing in some locales. The default for both properties is “en_us”.
  • Added obfuscation to the password length in log messages.
  • Add metrics to LM Logs Collector DataSource to monitor the performance of the new Windows Event Log integration.
  • Added resource mapping logic in LM Logs to use the socket address when hostname is not present for Cisco syslog events.
  • Added a new configuration discover.instance.wmi.timeout.seconds for the timeout that is explicitly used in case of adding additional monitoring. The default value of the property is 30s. The property is not added by default in the agent.conf. Customers who face the timeout issue can add this property with the desired timeout value.
  • Added agent.conf directive webpage.circular.redirect=false to allow circular redirect following by the WEBPAGE Collector.
  • Added support for sFlow v1 and v5 for IPv6.
  • Added support for new OpenMetrics collection.
  • Added support for filtering by ##DESCRIPTION## in Script ActiveDiscovery.
  • Improved Logfile task scheduling after Collector restart.
  • Updated to Amazon Java Corretto
  • Updated the Collector to use G1 garbage collector, instead of the deprecated CMS garbage collector.


  • Fixed an issue where the Collector would intermittently stop forwarding syslog logs to LM Logs.
  • Fixed vulnerabilities in xmlrpc-client-3.1.jar and xmlrpc-common-3.1.jar.
  • Fixed an issue where JDBC collection would fail if the username contained a whitespace.
  • Fixed an issue with Cisco ASA initiator and responder packet fields in traffic flows. Some ASAs were not showing traffic information in NetFlow.
  • Fixed the Collector debug command !snmpdiagnose to now support SNMPv3 with AuthNoPriv mode.
  • Fixed proxy.port assignment to properly take the value given in the installer.
  • Fixed batchscript collection to properly distinguish instances that share names up to the first period. Previously, “test.test.1” and “test.test.2” were seen as one instance.
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