EA Collector - 30.104

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

LogicMonitor EA Collector 30.104 was released on October 19, 2021 and includes the following updates and fixes.


  • Certified the Collector to run on RHEL OpenShift.
  • Syslog collection for LM Logs now supports TCP.
  • Linux Collector uninstaller now cleans up logicmonitor-collector-jre.conf.
  • Added MongoDB 4.1.0 driver.
  • Increased out-of-the-box NetFlow performance.
  • Collector now loads custom JDBC JARs at boot, which lets you use other database drivers with the JDBC AD and Collection mechanisms. Add the following settings to agent.conf: custom.jdbc.drivers = com.cloudera.XXX, com.SAP.XXX . See instructions at Adding Groovy Libraries.
  • The Collector installer is now signed with SHA-256 instead of SHA-1.
  • LogicMonitor-created executables that ship with the Collector are now digitally signed.
  • The Collector Feed is now verified by SHA-2 instead of MD5.
  • Users can retrieve SHA signatures of Collector files for AV exclusion using the !DecryptFileSHA debug command.
  • Increased the default threadcount for Batchscript LogicModules for XL and XXL Collectors.
  • Added performance enhancements to the OpenMetrics Collector.
  • NetScan now includes .0 and .255 when scanning CIDR ranges.
  • PowerShell scripts are no longer written to disk before execution.
  • Removed the following Perl scripts and replaced their function with corresponding Shell scripts of the same name. These shell scripts already existed on the Collector:
    • register.pl
    • sbshutdown.pl
    • uninstall.pl
    • lmbatchjobwrapper.pl
    • proxyshutdown.pl
    • configure.pl
    • bootstrap.pl
    • diagnose.pl
    • install.pl
  • You can now configure the proxy.pass setting for the Linux Collector during the installation process:
    • It will also be automatically encrypted through the installer.
    • If you need to add it to agent.conf in plaintext later, it will be automatically encrypted.
    • If you already have it, it will also be automatically encrypted during upgrade.
  • Upgraded the following:
    • Postgresql to 42.2.20
    • json-smart to 2.4.7
    • bcprov-jdk15on to 1.69
    • jaxb-runtime to 2.3.2
    • commons-compress to 1.21
    • jetty-http to 9.4.43
    • jsoup to 1.14.2
    • JRE to

Bug Fixes

  • LM Logs now properly parses RFC 5424 timestamps.
  • LM Logs now supports RFC 6587 format over Syslog.
  • Collector Size dropdown now shows default Collector size when installing on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Docker Collectors to go into endless reboot on upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented scheduled execution of ERI PropertySources, affecting Topology.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Windows Events were dropped if one failed to be retrieved for EventSources.
  • Fixed LogicMonitor text on Windows installer.
  • NetFlow now properly parses DSTASN and SRCASN fields.
  • Fixed an issue where JDBC task response time returns “NaN” when it should return “0”.
  • Fixed an issue where diagnose.ps1 failed to run on PowerShell 3.0.
  • Fixed an issue that caused remote sessions to fail if using a Collector proxy and only whitelisting the relay server’s hostname (and not the IP address).
  • Fixed an issue where NetFlow packets would be dropped if ltoo many NetFlow export devices were pointed at a given Collector.

Known Issues

  • If the EA Collector 30.103 was installed on Windows silently via PowerShell or CMD, upgrading to EA 30.104 will fail. This issue does not occur for Windows Collector installation and upgrade via the UI-based install wizard.