EA Collector 32.200

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

LogicMonitor EA Collector 32.200 is released on June 27, 2022 and includes the following updates and fixes.


  • In addition to CyberArk single account, we have now extended support to CyberArk dual account. This method eliminates delays such as password rotation that may be encountered when using CyberArk single account.
  • LogicMonitor now automates the OSS license report generation process. With every Collector EA release, a report of OSS licenses used by the Collector will be generated and bundled with the Collector installer. You can access the report file at the following locations:
    • Linux – /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/lib/THIRD-PARTY-NOTICES.txt
    • Windows – C:\Program Files\LogicMonitor\Agent\lib\THIRD-PARTY-NOTICES.txt
  • In case of persistent script cache, Collector now throws an exception if you set a script cache entry with a value greater than 5 MB. Groovy scripts will then handle this exception in their script.
  • As most of the customers have already migrated to script based DataSources to monitor MongoDB instances, we have stopped supporting MONGO as a separate Collector Type. You can still use other collector types, such as SCRIPT, and DataSources to monitor MongoDB instances. For more information, see MongoDB Monitoring. We do not expect this to impact many customers.
  • On the Logs page, you can now view values indicating the level of severity as text and not as numbers. The following table displays the new text values for the old number values:
Old ValueNew Value

Similarly, for Facility you can view values as text. The following table displays the new text values for the old number values:

Old ValueNew ValueOld ValueNew Value
0kernel messages12NTP subsystem
1user-level messages13log audit
2mail system14log alert
3system daemons15clock daemon
4security/authorization messages16local use 0 (local0)
5messages generated internally by syslogd17local use 1 (local1)
6line printer subsystem18local use 2 (local2)
7network news subsystem19local use 3 (local3)
8UUCP subsystem20local use 4 (local4)
9clock daemon21local use 5 (local5)
10security/authorization messages22local use 6 (local6)
11FTP daemon23local use 7 (local7)
  • Updated Oracle JDBC jar to version LogicMonitor now supports Oracle database version upto 21c.
  • Updated JRE to Amazon Corretto as a part of security updates.

Bug Fixes

  • To mitigate the Fastjson “Auto Type Bypass” CVE-2022-25845 RCE vulnerability, we have upgraded Fastjson to version 1.2.83.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Collector from downloading link that has large file when executing the HTTP debug command. This caused the Collector to display “outofMemoryError”. To ensure that the HTTP debug command is not used for downloading or reading large files on the debug window, the following updates have been made:
    • Although the HTTP debug command accepts all URLs, it will provide response only for the following supported content types: 
      • text/html
      • text/xml
      • text/javascript
      • text/css
      • text/plain
      • application/json
      • application/xml
        If a URL contains file with non-supported content type, then a message indicating the list of supported content type displays.
    • The HTTP debug command provides file data only for URLs that have less than 10 MB file size. If the file size exceeds 10 MB, a message displays indicating “Response was successful but file size limit exceeded, Supported file size limit is 10 mb.”
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