Early Release Collector – 21.020

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Early Release Collector 21.020 will be available May 25, 2016, and includes the following:


  • We’ve added more detail to the !nsplist and !nspdetail debug commands, including device DNS, system name, properties and more.
  • We’ve added support for a local collector configuration file, agent.conf.local. Any configurations added to this local file will override the generic agent.conf configuration file, and the agent.conf.local file won’t be editable via the LogicMonitor UI. This enables you to configure settings such as debug.disable=false and remotesession.disable=true, without worrying about these security settings being changed from the web UI.

Bug Fixes:

  • RC4 related ciphers were disabled in GD21, which was causing data collection issues for servers which utilized RC4 connections.  The RC4 cipher suite has been re-enabled in this collector version. 
  • Corrected an SNMPv3 engine time and engine boots synchronization issue, which was causing SNMPv3 data collection task timeouts in some cases.
  • Collectors couldn’t be installed on drives other than the C: drive.  This issue was introduced when the YAJSW was added in EA collector 20.059, and has been fixed in this collector version. 
  • The ##SYSTEMNAME## Netscan token wasn’t working correctly for Windows devices.  For devices that respond to WMI, we now populate this token using the Name from the Win32_ComputerSystem class.
  • Upgraded the collector’s JDBC driver to the MariaDB JDBC Java Client version 1.4.2