v.155 Release Notes

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

Updated on July 22,2021

  • CHANGED users without full administrator access can now use the Push Metrics API to create resources and ingest metrics for the resources in groups they have access to manage. This is available via the optional resource group specification.
  • CHANGED resources that are only ingesting data via the Push Metrics API no longer display as dead.


  • Feature Highlights: Added Unbalanced Service Detection to Service Insights. LM APM is now available, with support for Push Metrics, OpenMetrics, and OpenTelemetry-based Distributed Tracing.
  • General Updates: Added a new property-based TopologySource, support for Airbrake Monitoring and SaaS Lite Monitoring, and more.
  • Updated Monitoring: New LogicModules to monitor Airbrake, SalesForce Lightning usage, RDS Performance Insights, and many more.

Feature Highlights

Service Insight – Unbalanced Service Detection

LogicMonitor has enhanced LM Service Insights with an additional anomaly detection aggregation for Unbalanced Service Detection. An unbalanced service refers to a group of instances that are not utilized evenly for some metrics. With the increased usage of microservice architecture, it is essential to use every resource efficiently and effectively. 

In load balancing, some nodes receive small tasks, and some nodes receive larger and complex tasks. For such scenarios, unbalanced metrics are used to get insights into these issues.

To add the Unbalanced feature, navigate to Service Insights creations > Manage and select the Unbalanced checkbox for any datapoint. You can also set alerts and thresholds for the Datapoints. See Adding Services.

Application Performance Monitoring with LM APM

Starting with this release, LogicMonitor’s new Application Performance Monitoring capabilities will be available to a limited number of customers. LM APM is Application Performance Monitoring within LogicMonitor. LM APM enables you to troubleshoot faster through insights that bring together traces, logs, and metrics for modern applications.

You will be able to take advantage of Distributed Tracing, Push Metrics API, and OpenMetrics DataSource Wizard to associate application metrics and traces with your infrastructure for complete coverage across your entire stack. See LM APM Overview

General Updates


  • FIXED an issue where alerts are generated even though the dynamic threshold setting is disabled.
  • FIXED an issue that prevented error messages from displaying when the device group or website folders exceeded the maximum limit.
  • FIXED an issue where users could add an invalid domain in the IP whitelist option on the Account Information page.
  • FIXED an issue where the user was receiving an error message “Failed to get data from the database” while trying to view raw data.

Cloud Monitoring

  • ADDED support for monitoring Azure Germany West Central region. Users can now monitor at the Azure Account level or for individual services. To add monitoring, users must edit the Azure accounts via manage dialog and add the new region for monitoring.
  • ADDED new collect method for Cloud integrations to allow the proper import of DataSources related to SaaS Monitoring and Cloud Monitoring through LM Exchange.
  • ADDED “SaaS lite” monitoring integrations that monitor SaaS apps using statusPage.io
  • CHANGED the page for viewing and adding Cloud and SaaS monitoring.
  • FIXED an issue where complex datapoints were not supported in SaaS monitoring integrations.
  • FIXED an issue where the resource counts displayed at the cloud account level on the Info tab were not correct.
  • FIXED an issue where Azure Webapp was missing polling data. Also, users were unable to discover the Azure functions apps.
  • FIXED an issue where the resource name was not displayed in the header area.
  • FIXED an issue that caused the “MetricName” datapoint to be dropped when the Azure Account Certificate DataSource was imported from the exchange.
  • FIXED an issue that caused data latency when monitoring AWS environments.
  • ADDED cloud debug command support for SaaS integrations (eg !cloudtlist type=saas), for debugging SaaS integration discovery and data collection.


  • FIXED an issue where the scrollbar was missing for the Favorites tab in the Dashboard section.
  • FIXED an issue that prevented users from adding custom glob values when creating a dashboard token.
  • FIXED the HTML widgets in the Dashboard.

Kubernetes Monitoring

  • UPDATED to Argus 5.1.2, which includes the following improvements:
    • Discovery filtering can now be handled during periodic synchronization of resources, instead of only prior to initial resource discovery.
    • Graceful reconciliation of Pods in case of IP mismatch.


  • ADDED the ability to clone Push DataSource.

LM Logs

  • ADDED support for the GCP Cloud Composer integration.
  • ADDED the ability for the users to view the log metadata in the LM Logs detail panel.
  • FIXED an issue that was causing log collection to stop for a pod if that pod did not product logs for a duration equal to the configured polling interval.
  • FIXED an issue where changes to Kubernetes pods and nodes were not being sent to LM Logs.


  • ADDED a new type of TopologySource which allows you to define Topology relationships based on existing host properties without writing code.
  • FIXED an issue where users who have read permissions for LogicModules and manage permissions for Resources were not able to test Active Discovery in DataSource while using the SNMP discovery method.


  • FIXED an issue that caused devices with inherited credentials to be classified incorrectly after running a NetScan.


  • CHANGED the SLA widget and report to include the thousandths decimal place. For example, 99.999%.


  •  FIXED an issue where the devices did not inherit the root or custom properties until the user selected the Run Active Discovery option.

LogicModule Releases

New and updated LogicModules are available for you to import from the LogicMonitor Public Repository. This section lists the LogicModules that are new in this release, updated in this release, or will be removed in a future release. Changes related to the LogicModule feature will be listed under General Updates. 

New LogicModules

LogicModule/System Name Details
(4 DataSources) Tracks deploy and errors for both individual projects and at the account level.
AWS_RDS_PerformanceInsightsCloudWatchDBLoad (DataSource)Tracks active RDS sessions via CloudWatch.
AWS_ElasticTranscoder (DataSource) Tracks billed seconds (audio, SD, and HD output), error, and job-related metrics for AWS Elastic Transcoder pipelines.
Cisco_Meraki_Troubleshooter (DataSource) Alerts on various common configuration errors, including when the corresponding organization for SNMP credentials and API credentials doesn’t match.
GCP_CloudMonitoring (DataSource) Measures data ingested and active time series for GCP accounts.
PaloAlto_FW_QoS_V9+ (DataSource) Adds support for monitoring QoS on PAN-OS v9.

See Updated LogicModules: PaloAlto_FW_QoS_V8+.
(4 DataSources) Tracks Lightning Experience user, utility, and setup page related metrics as well as resource utilization and limits at the organization level.

Updated LogicModules

LogicModule/System Name Details
addERI_Device (PropertySource) Added missing OIDs for Eaton UPSes and Integrated Lights Out.
AWS_WAFv2_WebACL (DataSource)Fixed invalid metric paths for datapoints.
AWS_ElasticTranscoder (DataSource) Tracks billed seconds (audio, SD, and HD output), error, and job-related metrics for AWS Elastic Transcoder pipelines.

(3 DataSources, 1 PropertySource) Updated technical notes to recommend that users do not provide administrator credentials for modules.
Cisco_Meraki_Licensing (DataSource) Increased collection frequency to avoid triggering dead host detection.
Dell Drac Event Log (EventSource) Updated script to ensure old events are not collected. Reduces collection interval.
EMC_SystemPower_NaviSecCli (DataSource ) Ensures arguments passed to CLI command are properly sanitized. Updated regular expression used in the “Status” datapoint.

(ConfigSource, PropertySource) Removed filter in a query that was causing the script to fail on some devices.
Microsoft_Azure_FileStorage_Capacity (DataSource) Removed alerting due to a high incidence of false positives.

(2 DataSources) Updated OIDs used for RequestBytes and ResponseBytes to use raw bytes/second value instead of converting total byte values.
PaloAlto_FW_ThreatAnalysis (DataSources) Do not attempt to discover instances for devices running PAN-OS v9 and above, which are not supported by this module due to the new API response format introduced in v9.
SNMP_Network_Interfaces (DataSource) Moved indication of 32-bit and 64-bit datapoints from tech notes to datapoint descriptions. Added usage of “interface.filtering” and “Interface.description.alert_enable” properties to technotes. Added “interface.snmp.method” overview to the beginning of active discovery and collection scripts to bring attention to “walk”, “get”, “getconcurrent” SNMP collection methods. .
(6 DataSources, 1 PropertySource) Added support for new API endpoint structure.script will attempt to fallback to the older endpoint when appropriate. Added debug output.
Ubiquiti_UniFi_Clients_Wireless (DataSource) Ensures Active Discovery script returns correct exit code.
(3 TopologySources) Fixed incorrect parameter usage when generating Meraki topology with LLDP IDs. Includes CDP and LLDP IDs in MAC translation code.
(4 DataSources) Deduplicated instance names by appending unique MOR ID to the WildAlias. Historical data will only be lost for instances where more than one instance with the same name is discovered, non-duplicate instances will not be affected by this change.
(2 DataSources, 1 PropertySource) Included FQDNs when generating ERIs for Pure Storage linked ESX nodes.
(14 DataSources) You can toggle the “-Force” flag when calling the Connect-HVServer cmdlet by setting the horizon.force property (By default, the flag is set as true). The VMware bug causes the cmdlet to timeout on some devices when the “-Force” flag is used; in that case, the property should be set to “false” as a workaround.
VMware_VCSA_FilesystemCapacity (DataSource) Corrected storage_util_filesystem datapoint description.

Deprecated LogicModules

There are no new deprecated LogicModules in this release. For the list of LogicModules deprecated over the past five releases, see the support article Deprecated LogicModules.

Looking Ahead

In this section, you will find announcements about upcoming beta features, updates about ongoing beta features, and information about the end-of-life of existing features.

Sunset of the RPC API

We have decided to focus on improving the LogicMonitor Rest API, which has higher security standards and integration capabilities that are more in line with our future development goals. This means that we are preparing to end support for the RPC API with the upcoming release of LogicMonitor v.156. 

If you are using the RPC API for Ansible, reach out to Support for guidance on migrating playbooks to the REST API.