LM Exchange (Beta) Overview

Last updated on: 8 July 2022.

LM Exchange is LogicMonitor’s centralized library of LogicModules and module packages that provide monitoring solutions for the networking devices, applications, databases, services, and other systems and tools in your enterprise IT infrastructure. 

The Exchange (Beta) Page

The contents of the Exchange (Beta) page are organized into the Module Store and the Module Toolbox

  • Module Store–Allows you to see all the modules and module packages that are available, filter for specific modules based on type, author, and other filtering options, and import or install modules into your portal. For more information, see Module Store.
  • Module Toolbox–Allows you to manage all the modules that you have installed in your portal. You can also use the Module Toolbox to customize the modules and publish or share your changes with the community. For more information, see Module Toolbox.

Note: Module Store replaces the “My Repository” and “Public Repository” tabs. Module Toolbox replaces the “Installed Modules” tab. The following tabs are not available on the Exchange (Beta) page: Cloud Integrations, OpenMetrics, and OpenTelemetry Collectors. You can still access them in the Exchange > Integrations page.

Managing LogicModules

You can create, install, edit, commit, and publish modules and packages in LM Exchange. See the following topics for more information.


Members of the LogicMonitor user community can create and publish their modules and packages in LM Exchange. All LogicModules shared by community members undergo a security review before they are made publicly available. During this review, the module is vetted by LogicMonitor to make sure that its operations won’t impact the security of integrity of the Collectors on which it is run. 

Note: LogicModules published by the LogicMonitor user community do not qualify for technical support by LogicMonitor Support.

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