v.159 Release Notes

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

Updated on November 1, 2021

  • Added support in the Audit logs for displaying device, device ID, DataSource ID, PropertySource, and PropertySource ID details when the device and PropertySource are updated respectively.
  • Added details for failed login in the audit logs and captcha code prompt for failed login attempts.


  • Feature Highlights: Added support for Veeam 11. Resource groups can now be used in log alert pipelines. The LogicMonitor APM Lighthouse Program is now available for users who would like to test our APM capabilities.
  • General Updates: Added enhancements to the OpenTelemetry Collector and cloud monitoring features, fixed several user interface issues, and more.
  • Updated Monitoring: New LogicModules to monitor session counts and standalone server disk status, automatically discover clusters on resources with the “elasticsearch.api.port” property set, and more.

Feature Highlights

LogicMonitor APM Lighthouse Program

LogicMonitor APM has been available in a limited release capacity for the past few months. We are now ready to expand access with the launch of our Lighthouse Program for users that want access to our APM capabilities. 

Along with early access, qualified customers and prospects will have the opportunity to influence the early direction of our product and provide feedback to enhance our APM offering. 
If you are interested in participating in our Lighthouse Program, please fill out the Google form here.

Kubernetes Monitoring Enhancement Beta

This beta enables API keys to allow non-admin users to add Kubernetes clusters into monitoring. For more information, see Adding Kubernetes Cluster into Monitoring as Non-Admin User or contact your Customer Success Manager.

Log Alert Pipeline Enhancement

Resource groups can now be used in log alert pipelines. Using Resource groups when defining a log pipeline makes it easier to dynamically apply alert conditions to specific groups of resources, ensuring alerts are generated when expected.

Veeam Backup & Replication Monitoring Enhancement

Support for Veeam 11 is now available. LogicModule changes include updates to script comments and graph fixes. See the Updated LogicModules section for additional details.

For more information, see Veeam Backup and Replication Monitoring.

General Updates


Bug Fixes

  • The Alerts page now correctly indicates when no alerts meet the filter criteria.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple SDTs to be created for a single source when performing a bulk action.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly caused the Escalate button to be active when no escalation chain was set for an alert.

LM Collector


  • Relay Server v2.2.3 is now available.
  • Rate limit headers are now available on PATCH requests.



  • Added the ability to set environment variables for an OpenTelemetry Collector using an external configuration file.
  • Added the ability to create an OpenTelemetry Collector with a custom Kubernetes configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to modify or restart an OpenTelemetry Collector when the Collector was in a stopped state.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the default OpenTelemetry Collector configuration to still be used after a user had updated the configuration file.

Cloud Monitoring


  • Users no longer need “Manage” permissions for LogicModules to add cloud accounts. The user only needs “Manage” permissions for the resource group they want to add a cloud account to.
  • Added a new AD method for discovering Azure dimension values. This is useful for allowing LogicMonitor to dynamically discover dimension values and monitor metrics for each without having to manually enter each dimension. For more information, see Customizing Azure Monitor DataSources.
  • Office365 integrations can now be added by users without full data collection permissions.
  • The legacy UI option for adding and managing cloud accounts has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Test Permissions button to incorrectly return all resource types when adding a virtual machine to a local Collector.
  • When managing a cloud account virtual machine Collector assignment, the correct results are now displayed in the Included tab when writing a custom AppliesTo function.


Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue that caused a mismatch between the SLA report and the SLA dashboard widget.

User Interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused LogicMonitor to become unresponsive when adding multiple DataSource instances simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue that caused UI slowness in large environments.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from adding new Service groups.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent results to display in the Big Number and Pie Chart widgets when the resource count is selected in a datapoint using AppliesTo scripting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect details to display in audit logs when custom properties were updated for a resource using API v1.

LM Exchange


  • Changed the Update from Repository setting to check the schema version rather than the portal version. This allows updates between accounts, as long as the schemas are the same.

LogicModule Releases

New and updated LogicModules are available for you to import from the LogicMonitor Public Repository. This section lists the LogicModules that are new in this release, updated in this release, or will be removed in a future release. Changes related to the LogicModule feature will be listed under General Updates.

New LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
(2 DataSources)
Monitors user session counts and standalone server disk status. Includes alerts for excessive sessions.
addCategory_Elasticsearch (1 PropertySource)
Allows for automatic discovery of clusters on resources with the “elasticsearch.api.port” property set. Determines whether or not the API has been configured to use HTTPS.

Updated LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
Device_BasicInfo (1 PropertySource)
Updated to prevent output of duplicate processor properties.
Networking_L2_snmpSwitch (1 TopologySource)
Updated to look at CDP links before LLDP links.
Microsoft_ActiveDirectory_PasswordPolicy (1 ConfigSource)
Updated the alert for the minimum password age to reflect Microsoft’s guidelines.
(22 DataSources, 2 PropertySources, 1 TopologySource)
Requires LogicMonitor Collector EA 30.000 or later.
Improved session handling by using the script cache to cache authentication cookies.
Fixed an issue that caused UCS managers running version 4.2 to crash due to excessive session creation.
Note: It is recommended to either update or disable existing UCS modules.
Added support for monitoring standalone servers via CIMC. Optimized for better Collector performance with smaller payloads.
(Chassis, BladeServers & RackServers) : presenceStateAlerts complex datapoint expression updated to look for 0 instead of unkn() which was causing alerts to incorrectly persist.
(BladeServers & RackServers): Added four new datapoints) DIMMsPopulated, DIMMsFailed, DIMMsIgnored and memFailed). Adjusted suspect datapoints to provide no data when absent in response.
Note: This suite uses a single API session per device managed through the Cisco_UCS_Sessions DataSource. If you experience authentication issues, ensure that this module is imported and working properly.
Microsoft_ActiveDirectory_PasswordPolicy (1 ConfigSource)
Updated the alert for the Lockout Duration and Lockout Observation Window to reflect Microsoft’s Guidelines.
Linux_SSH_BlockDevice (1 DataSource)
Fixed an invalid complex datapoint expression used for calculating average read/write operation time.
(11 DataSources, 1 PropertySource)
Added support for Veeam 11. Fixed problematic comment in scripts. Includes various graph fixes.
(Veeam_BackupAndReplication_Repositories) Updated to use GetContainer() method instead of Info property when retrieving job metrics. Added new complex datapoints for cached used space.
(Veeam_BackupAndReplication_ScaleOutRepositories) Updated to discover and monitor all extents.
Note: Will result in the loss of previous historical data.
(addCategory_Veeam_BackupAndReplication_PowerShel) Now determines the version by looking at the VeeamDeploymentDll.dll.
(6 DataSources, 1 PropertySource)
Ensures scripts correctly fallback to old API endpoints when needed. Convert globals to local variables.
(2 DataSources)
Fixed an issue that caused the input status datapoint to be inverted.
Updated the alert threshold on ssdEndurance datapoint to align with best practices.
Terminal Services (1 DataSource)
Added a complex datapoint for use in common dashboard widgets.
(3 DataSources)
Converted to scripted modules and added new datapoints. Removed unsupported disk related datapoint from cluster statistics module. New modules maintain backwards compatibility with resources using the older module versions without needing the “elasticsearch.api.port” property to be set.
(13 DataSources)
Fixed invalid variable call in login function.
Cisco_Nexus_FRU_Power (1 DataSource)
Added virtual datapoints to current graph to convert milliamps to amps.
PowerOverEthernet- (1 DataSource)
Updated a complex datapoint expression for PowerThresholdExceeded to filter out thresholds below five watts to prevent false positive alerts when a low or no threshold is set on the device.
VMware_vSphere_VMconfiguration (1 ConfigSource)
Updated to remove unsupported tokens from alert messages.
PaloAlto_L2_HA (1 TopologySource)
Updated to allow for both active and passive links to a single device.

Deprecated LogicModules

This table lists LogicModules that we are deprecating in this release. This means that these LogicModules will be removed in a future release. If available, a replacement LogicModule is listed.

LogicModule Name Details End of Support Date
Deprecated due to duplicate monitoring and altering. 12/10/21

For the list of LogicModules deprecated over the past five releases, see the support article Deprecated LogicModules.

Looking Ahead

In this section, you will find announcements about upcoming beta features, updates about ongoing beta features, and information about the end-of-life of existing features.

MGD Collector 30.001 will be deployed on October 27

The general deployment GD Collector 30.001 has been designated as the next minimum general deployment version, MGD Collector 30.001.

On October 27th, between 6 PM and 9 PM PDT, all Collectors in your LogicMonitor environment below GD Collector 30.001 will be automatically updated to GD Collector 30.001. At this time, we will stop supporting the previous version, MGD Collector 28.005.

No action is required for this update. Although we encourage you to upgrade your outdated Collectors on your own schedule, we do not believe you will experience any issues by waiting for the automatic upgrade on October 27th. For instructions on upgrading your Collectors, see Managing Collectors.

For more information, see the MGD Collector 30.001 release notes.