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MGD Collector 30.001

Published on 09.27.21


The general deployment GD Collector 30.001 has been designated as the next minimum general deployment version, MGD Collector 30.001.

On October 27th, between 6 PM and 9 PM PDT, all Collectors in your LogicMonitor environment below GD Collector 30.001 will be automatically updated to GD Collector 30.001. At this time, we will also officially deprecate and stop supporting the previous version, MGD Collector 28.005.

No action is required for this update. Although we encourage you to upgrade your outdated Collectors on your own schedule, we do not believe you will experience any issues by waiting for the automatic upgrade on October 27th. For instructions on upgrading your Collectors, see Managing Collectors.

MGD Collector 30.001 Highlights

Upgrading to MGD Collector 30.001, or optionally EA, will give you access to many new features and fixes highlighted below.

  • MGD Collector 30.001 will be the first MGD Collector version to use JDK 11.

Other highlights include all of the new features introduced in the EA Collector versions, as well as many fixes and optimizations:

  • Support for LM Logs.
  • SSE enhancements.
  • Updated Java JARs.
  • NBAR slots support for direction, IPv6, and Application.
  • Collector sizes XL and XXL.
  • Collector Script Cache.
  • Scripts to enable migration from root/Administrator to non-root and non-Administrator user for running the Collector.

For a complete list of new features and fixes across all Collector versions, see Collector Versions.

EA Collector Highlights

For early access to additional features, you may consider upgrading to one of the EA Collector versions. Because early access versions are updates that contain new beta functionality, they are not recommended for your entire infrastructure. Features in EA Collector include:

  • Support for OpenMetrics Collection.
  • Open Beta support for Credential Vault integrations, using CyberArk and Thycotic.
  • Support for forwarding Windows Event Logs and Kubernetes Events to LM Logs.
  • Capability for changing the Collector Size setting during installation, after download.