v.164 Release Notes

Last updated on 27 March, 2024


  • Feature Highlights: New integrations for StackStorm and Terraform, Object quota limits, status monitoring and more frequent data collection for Microsoft 365.
  • General Updates: Enhancements to permission checks for Microsoft Office 365 monitoring and more frequent data collection for Microsoft 365.
  • Updated Monitoring: New LogicModules to monitor Cisco Firepower Threat Defense using SNMP and Transit Gateway Attachment performance data from CloudWatch and to improve handling of LSI MegaRAID modules.

Feature Highlights

New Integrations

You can now integrate LogicMonitor with StackStorm and Terraform.


Integrating LogicMonitor with StackStorm allows you to automate complex IT workflows by using alerts to drive event-driven runbooks. Alerts from LogicMonitor can trigger simple or complex, multi-step workflows. For example, if you receive an alert that a resource’s memory is low, you could configure StackStorm to automatically run a script and delete the cache of the impacted resource and then create a note in your ticketing system. This integration can be used across both your on-premises and cloud infrastructure.


With LogicMonitor and Terraform, you can leverage infrastructure as code to ensure that any scaling, onboarding, and offboarding is done in a controlled and repeatable manner for your collectors, collector groups, devices, and device groups. Now, you can also sync your AWS cloud account through Terraform to better ensure full monitoring coverage whenever you make changes.

This new integration is verified by HashiCorp and supported by default by LogicMonitor, and you’ll notice increased performance as well as continued maintenance and updates. When you make changes to your environment using Terraform, LogicMonitor is kept in sync with the changes in the infrastructure it monitors. This ensures that services are deployed with the required monitoring, and the monitoring automatically adapts as systems or application environments are promoted from QA to staging to production.

New Microsoft 365 Status Monitoring

This new functionality delivers service health status across your organization’s Microsoft 365 subscription for services such as Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc. If you are experiencing problems with a cloud service, you can check the service health to determine whether this is a known issue with a resolution in progress before you call support or spend time troubleshooting.

New Object Quota Limits

We are introducing Object Quota Limits for Resource Groups to encourage best practices for using the LogicMonitor platform. This feature provides users with a warning message if they cross thresholds set according to LogicMonitor best practices. This feature helps users identify problematic configurations, like high number of Resource Groups, and warns them before it starts impacting portal performance. At this point, this feature will not stop users from performing any action. See LogicMonitor Limits, Quotas, and Constraints.

General Updates

Cloud Monitoring


  • Assignment of correct user permissions in the Microsoft Azure portal is integral to successful Microsoft Office 365 monitoring within the LogicMonitor platform. This improvement brings more clarity to permission checks, including both the ability to test given permissions and clear descriptions around any errors/impediments in permissioning to ensure frictionless Microsoft Office 365 monitoring. 
  • More frequent data collection for Microsoft 365. To deliver the most up-to-date data possible, this improvement brings hourly polling of the Microsoft Graph API to ensure that data in the LogicMonitor platform is as current as is being reported from Microsoft.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously VMs in Recovery Service Vault reported the backup information for the same VM (usually the one that has the most recent activity), instead of each VM reporting its own backup information. This meant that if one VM failed to backup, all VM’s in a Recovery Service Vault could report as failing. We’ve updated the datasource to receive the correct status for the respective VMs.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Traffic tab that prevented users from editing the Port name.

Known Issues

  • When NBAR is enabled on GD Collector 31.002, there could be a delay in Netflow data getting displayed on the UI. Workaround: You can set the value of netflow.use.new.logic to false in the Collector agent.conf and restart the Collector.



  • If you have two factor authentication enabled in LogicMonitor, you can now set your phone number after your first time login if no phone number already exists in the system.

User Interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from submitting support tickets from the Alerts and Exchange pages in their LogicMonitor portal.

LogicModule Releases

New and updated LogicModules are available for you to import from the LogicMonitor Public Repository. This section lists the LogicModules that are new in this release, updated in this release, or will be removed in a future release. Changes related to the LogicModule feature will be listed under General Updates.

New LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
AWS_TransitGatewayAttachment (1 DataSource)
Gathers Transit Gateway Attachment performance data as reported by CloudWatch.
(8 DataSources, 1 PropertySource)
New monitoring suite for Cisco Firepower Threat Defense using SNMP.
addCategory_LSI_SAS (1 PropertySource)
Sets categories for LSI MegaRAID modules.

See related DataSource updates under Deprecated LogicModules.

Updated LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
(8 ConfigSources, 1 DataSource, 5 PropertySources)
More robust authentication, filtering, escalation handling, prompt matching, log formatting, and session management for all modules relating to the common configs group.
Cisco_IPSec_AggregateTunnels (1 DataSource)
Increased timeout from 15 to 30 seconds to prevent data gaps due to slow response.
(2 DataSources)
Removed extra space in lookup table and fixed issue that caused devices of unknown type to enter the wrong condition on Sessions script.
Citrix_XenApp_LogonPerformance (1 DataSource)
Fixed calculation in script so that AuthenticationDuration and BrokeringDuration are accurately reported in seconds as stated in descriptions.
(2 DataSources)
For Job Backups: Added more debug print messages to aid troubleshooting and additional information in tech notes about configuring the lookback period using host property commvault.data.days.

For both: Updated to throw an exception if there is an error returned upon login.
BGP- (1 DataSource)
Updated Active Discovery filter to exclude administratively down instances.
EMC_ScaleIO_System (1 DataSource) Fixed typo in list of requested metrics (“thinCapacityAllocatedInKb”) according to an issue reported for Dell API v3. For more information, see ScaleIO REST API parameters explanation
EMC_Unity_CIFSPerformance (1 DataSource)
Fixed an issue that caused the script to fail.
(8 DataSources, 2 PropertySources)
Adds serviceTicket authentication functionality where session-based authentication is deprecated.
SilverPeak_Orchestrator_Appliance_Disks **
SilverPeak_Orchestrator_Disks **
(8 DataSources, 4 PropertySources, 1 TopologySource)
Added support for different login types configured by user-defined host property silverpeak.orchestrator.logintype.

** Note: We changed the wildalias for Disks DataSources to fix an issue where instances were not being discovered because of duplicate names. History will be lost when importing these two modules because instance names have changed.
Ubiquiti_UniFi_Switches (1 DataSource)
Fixed an issue with the collection script that didn’t pass all parameters to the querying function for older versions of API.
(4 DataSources)
Removed additional print statements that were interrupting data collection.
Dell Drac Event Log (1 EventSource)
Converted the timestamp from milliseconds to seconds.
Device_BasicInfo (1 PropertySource)
Updated to support serial number on Cisco Catalyst devices using alternate OID.
\.1\.3\.6\.1\.4\.1\.2604\.5 (1 sysOID Map)
Added snmpTCPUDP and snmp categories to SophosXG18+ sysOID map.

Deprecated LogicModules

This table lists LogicModules that we are deprecating in this release. This means that these LogicModules will be removed in a future release. If available, a replacement LogicModule is listed.

LogicModule Name
Details End of Support Date

(1 DataSource)
Created new version to fix datapoint name for 5xx responses without data history being lost.
LSI MegaRAID_batteries

(2 DataSources)
Changed the collection type from SNMP to script-based SNMP to improve post-processing options for some datapoints. Added “Optimal” as a possible status for the batteries DataSource.

For the list of LogicModules deprecated over the past five releases, see the support article Deprecated LogicModules.

Looking Ahead

In this section you will find announcements about upcoming beta features, updates about ongoing beta features, and information about the end-of-life of existing features.

LogicMonitor APM Lighthouse Program

LogicMonitor APM has been available in a limited release capacity for the past few months. We are now getting ready to expand access with the launch of our Lighthouse Program for users that want access to our APM capabilities. Along with early access, qualified customers and prospects will have the opportunity to influence the early direction of our product and provide feedback to enhance our APM offering. 

If you are interested in participating in our Lighthouse Program, please fill out the Google form here.

MGD Collector 30.002 Update

The automatic update to MGD Collector 30.001 was scheduled to deploy on January 10, 2022.

However, due to the Log4Shell vulnerabilities, the new MGD Collector version will now be 30.002. This version addresses the Log4shell vulnerabilities. This version is scheduled to be automatically installed on January 20, 2022.

No action is required ahead of this date. You may upgrade to MGD Collector 30.002 before January 20 or you may wait for the automatic upgrade to occur. For more information, see MGD Release Update.