v.201 Release Notes

Last updated on 27 March, 2024


  • Feature Highlights: New APC Netshelter Rack Power Distribution Unit Advanced Modules.
  • General Highlights: Added resource usage in cloud account information. Added support for Queue and topic-level instance discovery in Azure Service Bus. Access data point analysis from dashboards. Updated maximum password length for all users. Added mapping support for Azure logs with the LM portal. Added node grouping for saved maps.
  • Monitoring Updates: New modules added for Cisco Catalyst, VMware VeloCloud monitoring with VMWare SD-WAN, and Cisco Meraki for better monitoring solutions.

Feature Highlights

New APC Netshelter Rack Power Distribution Unit Advanced Modules

You can now use new modules for monitoring APC Netshelter 10000 Series Rack Power Distribution Unit Advanced devices including per-outlet power usage.

General Updates

Cloud Monitoring

See resource usage by type in Account Information

You can now see cloud resource usage in the Account Information area of LogicMonitor. Navigate to Resources > Cloud Resources to view IaaS, PaaS, or Non-compute resources.

Azure Service Bus now supports Queue and Topic level instance discovery

You can now show Service Bus metrics at a Queue and Topic level with a multi-instance datasource. The new datasource displays the same metrics as overall, dimensioned to the specific queue or topic instance.

  • Queue level multi-instance datasource: Microsoft_Azure_ServiceBusQueue
  • Topic level multi-instance datasource: Microsoft_Azure_ServiceBusTopic

Collector Settings

GD Collector 35.001 was released on February 13, 2024. For more information, see the GD Collector 35.001 Release Notes.

Identity and Access

Maximum Password Length Limit

With this release, the maximum password length is set to 256 characters.

Note: The maximum password length change applies to the new and existing users when they update or change the password.

LM Logs

Mapping Azure logs with LM Portal

You can now use the Azure_Account_Name field to indicate the Azure Account name from the LM portal, which can be retrieved from the system.displayname field in the Cloud Account Info tab. Use this field to establish mapping between the Azure account Logs and Cloud account resource of LM portal.


Added undo action

When the resource is moved to recently deleted items and not permanently deleted, you can select undo from the snackbar and restore the resource.

Fixed Issues
Fixed an issue that prevented error details from displaying in the Poll Now window in Resources UIv4.


Node Grouping for Saved Maps

You can now group nodes based on a specific set of properties such as Account, Cluster, Node, Namespace, Provider, and so on.

Note: This feature is only available for Saved Maps. For more information, see Saved Maps in the product documentation.

Added Cisco Meraki IoT Sensor Topology Icon

While monitoring Cisco Meraki IoT Sensors, you can now visually identify the sensors on the topology maps. If there is any change in temperature, moisture, water, and power, you will receive alerts for them.

LogicModule Releases

New and updated LogicModules are available for you to import from the LogicMonitor Public Repository. This section lists the LogicModules that are new in this release, updated in this release, or will be removed in a future release. Changes related to the LogicModule feature will be listed in the General Updates section.

New LogicModules

LogicModule NameDetails
1 LogSources:
– Cisco_Catalyst_Center_Issues
Added new out-of-the-box log monitoring for Cisco Catalyst Wireless Access Points.
7 DataSources:
– VMware_SDWAN_Health
– VMware_SDWAN_Interfaces
– VMware_SDWAN_Performance
– VMware_SDWAN_Tunnels
2 PropertySources:
– addCategory_VMwareSDWAN
– addERI_VMware_SDWAN
1 TopologySources:
– VMware_SDWAN_Topology
Added new VMware VeloCloud monitoring with VMWare SD-WAN providing new functionality by monitoring devices directly.
1 LogSources:
Out-of-the-box log monitoring for Kubernetes Events.
4 DataSources:
– APC_rPDUAdvanced_CircuitBreakers
– APC_rPDUAdvanced_GlobalPerformance
– APC_rPDUAdvanced_Phases
– APC_rPDUAdvanced_SwitchedOutlet
1 sysOID map:
Added new monitoring for rack PDU Advanced devices that provides comprehensive insights into operations of switched outlets, phase metrics, global performance, and bank-specific power consumption.

Updated LogicModules

LogicModules NameDetails
1 DataSource:
 – EMC_ECS_Capacity
Updated utilization calculations to match ECS console output.
1 DataSource:
– Aruba_EdgeConnect_SDWAN_Tunnels
Updated jitter datapoint calculation modified to align with soon-to-be updated Aruba documentation.
5 DataSources:
– Cisco_Catalyst_AccessPointHealth
– Cisco_Catalyst_AccessPointPerformance
– Cisco_Catalyst_AccessPointRadios
– Cisco_Catalyst_WLCHealth
– Cisco_Catalyst_WLCPerformance
Verifies if the device is found before performing gets() on device object, increased polling interval to 4-minute polling interval for WLCPerformance, AccessPointHealth, AccessPointPerformance, and AccessPointRadios to ensure unique data each poll given _API is every 3 minutes.
1 DataSources:
– VMware_LM_Troubleshooter
Corrected logical error involving _conn.ApiVersion variable.
1 PropertySources:   
– addCategory_Cisco_Catalyst_Center_Device
1 TopologySources:
– Cisco_Catalyst_Center_Topology
Updated topology to support catalyst.center.topology.observer appliesTo in order to reduce topology processing collector load.
1 DataSources:
– Infoblox_Appliance_DHCPDDNSv4Statistics
Updated ibDDNSUpdateSuccess, ibDDNSUpdateFailure, and ibDDNSUpdateReject from derive to gauge datapoints.
1 DataSources:
– SNMP_Network_Interfaces
Added emitting on NUCast packet metrics to default to 0 for 64-bit interfaces where NUCast packets are not supported.
1 DataSources:
– Citrix_XenApp_LogonPerformance
Added sanitation of the unicode character prefix for Android devices in the collection script.
3 DataSources:
– MongoDB_Server_Databases
– MongoDB_Server_Overview
– MongoDB_Server_Replication
1 PropertySources:
– addCategory_MongoDB
Fixed problem with passwords or usernames containing special characters. Added the version number as a resource property named auto.mongodbversion.
1 DataSources:
– Cisco Switch Stack-
Updated data point descriptions to align with OID definitions. Updated graphs to reflect current standards.
1 DataSources:
– LogicMonitor_Collector_LMLogs
Added datapoints related to SNMP traps. New metrics are only compatible with collector version 35.300 or higher and will return ‘No Data’ for collector versions below this.
1 DataSources:
– Juniper_Mist_AP_Health
Updated to 1 minute polling interval in order to not have devices incorrectly marked as dead in LogicMonitor and added tech note about how the module reports health.
1 DataSources:
– Linux_SSH_CPUMemory
Updated the major version – Initial release of updated Linux SSH modules to use more modern libs and patterns. This first module will test the water to verify readiness for later releases.
2 DataSources:
– VMware_ESXi_VirtualMachinePerformance 
– VMware_vSphere_VirtualMachinePerformance
Updated the logic to correctly handle metrics in accordance with the number of virtual disks present.
2 DataSources
– Juniper_Mist_SDWAN_Edge_Health 
– Juniper_Mist_SDWAN_Edge_Performance
Updated to lower casing of API returned identifiers before matching to system.displayname which was already transformed to lowercase.
1 DataSource:
– VMware_SDWAN_Interfaces
Added support for interface naming on edge’s running version below 5.0.0.
2 PropertySources:
– addCategory_Cisco_Meraki_Device
– addERI_Cisco_Meraki_Device
1 TopologySources:
– Cisco_Meraki_Topology
Added support for network allowlist for the topology observer and improved LLDP ERI detection.
Also, added longer timespan switch port data collection and caching.
1 DataSource:
– PaloAlto_Prisma_SDWAN_Overlay
– PaloAlto_Prisma_SDWAN_Underlay
Updated instance naming to align with Palo Alto Orchestrator.
1 EventSource:
– Azure Site Recovery
Updated value of appliesTo field.
1 DataSources:
– Microsoft_Azure_ExpressRouteCircuit
Increased datapoint bandwidthUtilization max from 100 to 250.
– VMware_vCenterAppliance_HealthStatus
Incorporated null checks to enhance fault tolerance. Updated request headers for authentication to align with documentation.
1 DataSources:
Changed collection type to the script. Updated to use a more accurate regex-based match for its TimeOnBattery metrics. This should be able to handle much larger periods of time.
7 DataSources:
– Cisco_Meraki_API
– Cisco_Meraki_AccessPointPerformance
– Cisco_Meraki_AccessPointRadios
– Cisco_Meraki_CellularGatewayPerformance
– Cisco_Meraki_SecurityApplianceTunnels
– Cisco_Meraki_SecurityApplianceUnderlay
– Cisco_Meraki_SwitchPerformance

2 PropertySources:
– addCategory_Cisco_Meraki_Device
– addERI_Cisco_Meraki_Device
Decreased polling interval to provide more granular data. Also, expanded to provide support for sensors.

Deprecated LogicModules

This table lists LogicModules that we are deprecating in this release. This means that these LogicModules will be removed in a future release. If available, a replacement LogicModule is listed. For the history of deprecated modules, see Deprecated LogicModules.

LogicModule DeprecationLogicModule ReplacementDetailsEnd of Support Date
1 DataSources:  
AWS_QuickSight_SPICEServiceLimitsCorrecting the DataSource nameSupport ends: 2/16/24

Looking Ahead

In this section, you will find announcements about upcoming beta features, updates about ongoing beta features, and information about the end-of-support for existing features.

LogicModules Migrating to Modules

In a future release, LogicModules will no longer be available from Settings. You can access the Exchange, My Module Toolbox, and all settings for managing modules from Modules in the navigation bar.
For more information, see Modules Overview in the Product Documentation.