v.199 Release Notes

Last updated on 02 February, 2024

Updated on 2 February, 2024

Fixed an issue that caused Active Discovery to experience delayed performance. As a result, the Use Status column in My Module Toolbox has temporarily been removed from the interface.


  • Feature Highlights: Override name conflict when installing a module from Exchange.
  • General Highlights: Integrate multiple LogicMonitor portals with Slack. Enhancements to Tracing landing page.

Feature Highlights

Override Name Conflict when Installing a Module from Exchange

You can now install a module from Exchange that duplicates a currently installed module’s name, allowing you to override the naming conflict detected by LogicMonitor. Installing the module will overwrite your current module and all subsequent updates will originate from the new module’s lineage.

To access this feature, navigate to Modules > Exchange. Attempting to install a module with a duplicate name will display a message indicating the expected behavior of the module’s installation.

For more information, see Module Installation in the product documentation.

General Updates


Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue that prevented the full instance name from displaying when there was a colon as a character. 

Identity and Access


You can now use email for two-factor authentication for the mobile application.



You can now integrate multiple LogicMonitor portals with Slack.


Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue that caused Active Discovery to experience delayed performance. As a result, the Use Status column in My Module Toolbox has temporarily been removed from the interface.


Enhanced Security for Reports

We have removed the Report Availability options from the Reports configuring page for better security measures.
With administrator rights, you can enable the Allow Shared Reports access for sharing public and private URLs for generated reports. You can navigate to Settings > Account Information > Allow Shared Reports to enable the option. For more information, see Portal Settings in the product documentation.



  • When viewing a forecast using the “95% confidence” option, the center line now has more contrast.
  • When adding a new resource, there is no longer a missing indicator for whether a collector is auto-balanced.
  • You can now drag-and-drop items to “Recently Deleted” in the Resources Tree to delete items from the tree. LogicMonitor then prompts you to confirm deletion of the item.

Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue that prevented error details from displaying in the Poll Now window in Resources UIv4.


Enhancements to Traces Landing Page

The Tracing landing page is now enhanced to be more intuitive with application analysis workflows. The following enhancements were made:

  • RED metric’s datapoint analysis is now available for member services and namespaces.
  • Add a service to application analysis from the services table and application topology widget.
  • Troubleshoot by cross-launching the services from the Alerts and Service Insights pages to the Tracing landing page maintaining the same service context.
  • View the namespace RED metrics in fullscreen mode.
  • Tracing landing page now displays application-level and RED metrics-level alerts. 
  • The services table displays the member resources of each service and you can filter the services table by severity or by typing the service name.

For more information, see Traces Page Overview in the product documentation.

Container Monitoring Releases

Container Monitoring 6.1.0 was released on January 09, 2024. For more information on new Container Monitoring features, enhancements, fixed and known issues, and the upgrade steps, see Container Monitoring 6.1.0 Release Notes.

New Default Balancing for LM Container Device Allocations

By default, new installations of LM Container will automatically balance device allocations to the collector. Existing users must enable the Auto Balance option on the collector group manually.

Looking Ahead

In this section, you will find announcements about upcoming beta features, updates about ongoing beta features, and information about the end-of-support for existing features.

LogicModules Migrating to Modules

In a future release, LogicModules will no longer be available from Settings. You can access the Exchange, My Module Toolbox, and all settings for managing modules from Modules in the navigation bar.

For more information, see Modules Overview in the Product Documentation.

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