Container Monitoring 6.1.0

Last updated on 04 April, 2024

Feature Highlights

  • Creation of Auto Balanced Collector Group for Kubernetes Collectors
  • LogSource for Gathering Kubernetes Events

Default Creation of Auto Balanced Collector Group for Kubernetes Collectors

The Auto Balanced Collector Group (ABCG) is created by default for Kubernetes collectors during LM Container charts installation. An ABCG is a group of Collectors that share device load. ABCGs bring more efficient Collector management and monitoring through auto-balancing of device load, improved scalability, and streamlined device creation.

For more information, see Auto-Balanced Collector Groups.


LogSource for Gathering Kubernetes Events

LM Container now supports using the Kubernetes_Events LogSource to collect Kubernetes events. To enable Kubernetes events collection from your cluster, please install the LogSource from LM Exchange and set the lmlogs.k8sevent.enable parameter to true in the LM Container configuration file.  You can also enable events collection using the cluster onboarding wizard user interface.

For more information, see Adding Kubernetes Cluster Using LogicMonitor Web Portal.


Display Latest LM Container Configurations as Property

The latest LM Container configuration values are now displayed as a custom property on the Argus pod. To enable this feature, please install the addCategory_LMContainerConfig PropertySource from LM Exchange. This feature will allow you to upgrade the LM Container installation on your cluster through the user interface following an upcoming release.

LogicModules Releases

New LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
(1 PropertySource)
Fetch the latest lm-container configuration and add it to the argus Kubernetes pod as a property.
(1 LogSource)
Gathers Kubernetes events.

Updated LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
(5 DataSources)




Converted argus self-monitoring DataSources to script-based for better performance.

Next Steps

For more information on the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading LM Container Charts.