Beta UI auto enabled, Granular Settings Access Controls (v.62)

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

The v.62 release will be rolled out through the first two weeks of May and includes the following enhancements:

Beta UI – Auto Enabled

The Beta UI view is now available for all users.  While the existing (old) UI view will remain available for the near term, we recommend that everyone gives the new view a try.  Along with functionality that was not previously available, such as improved Network Traffic Analysis and Device Dashboards, users can also take advantage of this time to provide feedback regarding how we can make the new layout even more powerful.

Only use Beta UI

There is a new option in Settings | Users | Manage User to set a user to “Only Use Beta UI”.  This option is ideal for users who are new to the application or benefit from recent changes, such as the improved Settings Access Controls.

Granular Settings Access Controls

With the new Access Controls you can now create roles that limit what a user can see and manage within the Settings tab.  

If a user has no View or Manage rights for a particular section, this section will not appear in their Settings tab.

Note:  If the settings are changed in the beta UI, they will not impact what user can see in the old UI.  To take full advantage of these settings, change the user setting to “Only Use New UI.”

Feedback Button

The feedback button has been reintroduced.  It can be found in the page footer, where it’s less obtrusive but just as important.  Please use it, we want to know your thoughts.

You’ll also notice the Mobile Alerts View link, this view is optimized for your mobile device and allows you to perform basic triage tasks.  The over-promised native app will follow later this quarter.

Other Improvements:

  • Ability to add a SDT at the root device group (Company Name) that applies to your entire application 
  • Left menu options do not display if the user does not have rights to view the associated page
  • We replaced the Empty Data error when no alerts exist with a Success Message
  • Ongoing beta UI tweaks and adjustments

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected the Device Uptime widget calculation