EA Collector – 30.101

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

LogicMonitor EA Collector 30.101 was released on June 9, 2021 and includes the following updates.


  • ADDED support for High Security mode (HSM). Users can choose to install in HSM or Orchestration Compatibility Mode (OCM). The default is OCM. 
    • HSM changes the permissions on the Collector installation folder so that only the owner and root/Administrator can access it.
    • OCM allows non-admin users to access the Collector installation folder. This is useful for users who may be using an orchestration utility to manage agent.conf or anything else in the Collector folder.
  • ADDED encryption to selected agent.conf properties.
  • ADDED functionality to override openmetrics.url property with openmetrics.host or system.hostname properties when the URL isn’t provided.
  • CHANGED the timestamp field to be enabled and set to true by default.
  • FIXED an issue where instance groups were not being created for OpenMetrics instances.
  • FIXED an issue where company.uuid was not encrypted when the Windows Collector was installed in silent mode.

Known Issues

  • A privileged LogicMonitor user cannot use the !getconfig debug command to retrieve credential and company.uuid value.
  • Users cannot initialize the HSM mode for a Windows Collector that is installed as a non-Administrator user.
  • Upgrading from EA Collector 28.604 to EA Collector 30.000 will fail. We recommend upgrading to GD Collector 30.001 before you upgrade to an EA 30.xxx version.