GD Collector – 30.000

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

GD 30.000 incorporates all enhancements and fixes found in GD 29.003, as well as EA (29.101, 29.102, 29.104, 29.105, 29.106, 29.107, 29.108, and 29.109).


Here are a few highlights across the various EA releases that GD 30.000 contains.

  • NBAR support for NetFlow.
  • LM Logs support.
  • Non-root installation no longer depends on sudo.
  • The Collector Script Cache.
  • Updated Amazon Corretto Java to
  • Fixed an issue where the Collector would intermittently stop forwarding syslog logs to LM Logs.

For a complete list of changes, visit the individual release notes pages for the various releases.

Known Issues

  • When a Collector is installed and restarted before calculation of SHA (collector.service.controller.SHA in agent.conf), the watchdog services won’t run. Users must wait approximately 2 minutes after installation for SHA to be calculated for the first time before they restart the Collector. After this, future restarts should not cause an issue.