GD Collector 33.001

Last updated on 23 November, 2022

LogicMonitor GD Collector 33.001 is released on November 23, 2022. GD Collector 33.001 is a patch to the previously released GD Collector 33.000 and includes the following additional fixes:

Fixed Issues

  • After upgrading to GD Collector 33.000, core LogicMonitor or custom-created modules that do not properly close Oracle connections accumulate inactive sessions that can affect Oracle database performance and availability. To handle this issue, update core LogicModules to the most recent version (as of November 10, 2022) and audit any custom modules creating Oracle connections. As a precautionary step to mitigate the risk of performance and availability impact on production Oracle environments, we have temporarily rolled back the jar from version to
  • Upgraded Apache ivy to version 2.5.1, netty-common to version netty-common-4.1.79.Final jar, and aws-java-sdk-s3 to version aws-java-sdk-s3-1.12.264 jar for various minor security updates.
  • Fixed an issue where Active Discovery scripts behaved differently and failed to collect data when evaluating an undefined property (for example, host property does not exist). To fix the issue, we introduced HostProps as an environment variable. Active Discovery scripts can now collect data even if property does not exist.
  • Fixed an issue where the WMI password in plaintext format was displayed in a text file in collector machine when Windows collector executed PowerShell script for active discovery. We immediately fixed this issue and the WMI password is no longer displayed as plaintext.