Alert SLA Report, Beta Announcements, and Event Alert Improvements

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Happy New Year!  We’re excited to ring in the New Year with the announcement of an Alert SLA Report, SSO in Beta, New User Interface pages in Beta,and other great improvements in v.48!

Alert SLA Report

View the percentage of time a Datasource or Datapoint was in Alert.  Select Alert SLA Report as the report time, set the Date Range, Host(s) or Host Group(s), and a Datasource.  You can also filter by Datapoint, Alert Rule, and Minimum Alert Level.
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.23.09 PM
On Submit, the Report will return the percentage of time the DataSource was in alert for each Host.
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.25.05 PM

Single Sign On (SSO) in Beta

We have implemented a Single Sign On solution, enabling users to utilize their primary Identity Provider (Okta, ADFS, and others) to manage all LogicMonitor access. Contact support if you’re interested in learning more or giving it a try!

Recruiting Beta testers for User Interface (UI)

Many of you have been hearing about the mysterious new UI.  We are ready to start sharing and are actively looking for people who are interested in being beta testers.  The new Alert Page is available for testing and will be shortly followed by Reports and Services.
Update:  Beta has been closed for this release.  Please contact Support if you are interested in participating in the future.

Suppress duplicate Windows and Log File event alerts

We know event alerts can be noisy, so we’ve added the ability to suppress duplicate alerts.  Select Suppress Duplicates: Enable within the EventSource, and any event with a duplicate event ID that is generated within the effective interval will be ignored.


  • Netflow now supports the enhanced NSEL used in Cisco ASA’s running 9.1 code.
  • Importing a Datasource will preserve any datapoints that exist with the same name and type in the newer version
  • When Linux processes are in alert, they do not restart with the same ID.  We now evaluate them based on process path and parameters.
  • A few Netflow improvements, including a larger buffer to accommodate system time differences and an auto defrag process

Bug Fixes

  • We improved alerting by assigning a new Alert ID when an alert changed severity, but sent an Alert Clear message if an alert escalated in severity.  These have been removed.
  • Event Alerts were not consistently respecting the effective interval to determine the cleared time.
  • ***Cleared*** was removed from the header of custom alerts, while it is meaningful it had potential to interfere with integrations
  • We improved how we determine if a user can add a datasource, addressing issues with Hosts not in Groups, and users with limited Host Group permissions.
  • The Services plain text match was not matching correctly in long strings.