Collector Release - 19.029

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

The Early Release Collector 19.029 includes:

Ignore Netflow TimeStamps

Previously a valid timestamp was required whenever network traffic data was reported via the collector.  In the case that your device does not report time stamp information, or reports inaccurate times (such as in the future), you can now configure your collector to ignore the time information.  If the device timestamp is ignored, we will set the data timestamp to the time that the data is received.

Note: At this time, the only known devices that necessitate this configuration are Sonicwalls. 

To ignore Netflow timestamps, go to Settings | Collectors.  Select Manage from the collector row, and click Support.

Select Restart Collector and add “netflow.ignoreTimestampValidate=true” to the #netflow settings section of the Collector Config file. Note that you will need to select the “override agent.config” option to edit this file:

Windows Event Optimization

Along with the collector optimizations available in 19.015,  19.029 includes the ability to collect up to 500 windows events at a time.

Other improvements:

  • Improved the webpage datasources to address issues with redirects and gaps in collected data.
  • Corrected the TaskCountInQueue Datapoint used by the Data Collecting Task Datasource such that No Data alerts are no longer triggered when TaskCountInQueue is reported incorrectly.
  • Optimized SNMP so that SNMPv2 and SNMPv1 will be used if SNMPv3 fails.

To take advantage of the latest improvements, go to Settings | Collectors and either select the collectors you wish to update or add a new collector.  When using the Add Collector or Update Collectors option you will be prompted to select a collector version.