Collector Release – 19.034

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Early Release Collector 19.034 includes:

AWS Improvements and Bug Fixes:

    • Improved Active Discovery for ElastiCache
    • A correction to the way that AWS S3 billing data is collected for the AWS Cost By Region datasource 

Other improvements:

    • Updated ESX Active Discovery to account for changes in ESX vCenter 6 meta name
    • Updated MongoDB driver to 2.13.0, which supports Mongo 3.x 
    • A configurable limit on the number of Active Discovery and Auto Property tasks stored in memory to avoid heap spikes during Active Discovery

Bug Fixes:

    • Updated taskcountinqueue collector metric to prevent negative values, to avoid false alerts
    • Corrected multi-parameter filtering for the !tlist debug command such that !tlist c=snmp and dsi=(anything) returns accurate results