Container Monitoring 3.0.0

Last updated on 03 April, 2024

Kubernetes Monitoring Updates

  • Storage class
  • Priority class
  • Service accounts
  • ClusterRole
  • ClusterRole binding

Note: For previous Release Notes versions, refer to Platform Release Notes.

What’s New

  • With the LM Container Helm chart v3.0.0 release, monitoring support is added for the following Kubernetes objects.
    • Storage class
    • Priority class 
    • Service accounts
    • ClusterRole
    • ClusterRole binding
  • Added the following ConfigSources LogicModules for monitoring network policies, changes to limit ranges, and resource quotas.
    • Kubernetes_NetworkPolicies
    • Kubernetes_LimitRanges
    • Kubernetes_ResourceQuotas


Updated the following DataSources LogicModules and appliesTo statements to ensure the proper Kubernetes devices are excluded (HTTP-) or included.

  • HTTP-

Note: HTTP- indicates all DataSources with the prefix HTTP in their name.

  • Kubernetes_KSM_Nodes
  • Kubernetes_KSM_Pods

Upgrade Steps

  1. Install the Helm charts version for the new release is 3.0.0.
  2. Run  the following Helm command: helm repository update
  3. Run the following Helm upgrade command:
helm upgrade \   
--install \    
--debug \    
--wait \    
--namespace="logicmonitor" \    
--create-namespace \    
-f lm-container-configuration.yaml \    
lm-container --version "3.0.0" logicmonitor/lm-container