Container Monitoring 3.5.0

Last updated on 16 May, 2023

What’s New

Support for Kubernetes 1.26 and 1.25

LM Container Chart version 3.5.0 is now certified for compatibility with Kubernetes versions 1.26 and 1.25.

Support for Filtering Label and Annotation Updates from Monitoring

You can now ignore frequent and unwanted annotations or label updates on a Kubernetes resource despite no considerable changes. In your configuration file, add the fields annotations.ignore and labels.ignore under argus.monitoring section to ignore unwanted updates. For more information, see the “Multiple operation updates get generated for annotations and labels” section in Troubleshooting Common Kubernetes Issues.

Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue that prevented the discovery of CronJobs by LM container on Kubernetes version 1.25 or later. 

LogicModules Releases

New LogicModules 

LogicModule Name Details
(1 DataSources)
New module to monitor Kubernetes scheduler.

Next Steps

For more information on the step-by-step upgrade procedure, see Upgrading LM Container Charts

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