Container Monitoring 4.2.0

Last updated on 20 September, 2023

What’s New

Support for Monitoring Kubernetes Ingress

LogicMonitor Container can now automatically detect and monitor Kubernetes Ingress resources in the cluster. 

Support for Monitoring NGINX Ingress Controller

NGINX Ingress Controller is a type of Ingress Controller that runs in a cluster and configures an HTTP load balancer according to traffic routing rules. For more information, see NGINX Ingress Controller Monitoring.

Support for Monitoring Kubernetes Controller Manager

The Kubernetes Controller Manager is a daemon that contains the essential control loops that come with Kubernetes. Some of the controllers available in Kubernetes include the replication controller, endpoints controller, namespace controller, and service account controller. For more information, see Kubernetes Controller Manager Monitoring.

Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue that prevented removing deleted Kubernetes labels or annotations from LogicMonitor Portal.

LogicModules Releases

New LogicModules 

LogicModule Name Details
(1 DataSource)
New Kubernetes monitoring for API Server.
(1 ConfigSource)

(2 DataSources)


(1 PropertySource)
New modules to monitor Kubernetes Ingress and NGINX Ingress Controller.

Updated LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
(1 DataSource)
KSM_Container updates with respect to Container Request and Limits.
(1 DataSource)
Updated Kubernetes Schedulers DS to support metrics collections for OpenShift k8s clusters.
(1 DataSource)
Updated Kubernetes CoreDNS DS to fix the NullPointerException.

Next Steps

For more information on the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading LM Container Charts

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