EA Collector – 28.200

Last updated on 14 September, 2022


  • Reduced memory usage for PropertySources
  • CPU usage optimizations
  • Improved instance names on SSE Datasources
  • Improved NetFlow diagnosis messaging
  • Improved Windows EventLog query time range processing to avoid fails queries
  • Changed pdh.auto.switch.to.native.enable to default to true. Also fixed an issue where Perfmon collection would fail when pdh.datacache.enable and pdh.auto.switch.to.native.enable were both set to true
  • JMX collection now supports the special character “:” in MBeans

  • Fixed batchscript collection caching behavior that would cause some instances with duplicate wildvalues to report No Data
  • Fixed password exposure issue with Poll Now Diagnosis for WMI
  • Fixed issue where NetFlow would record corrupt data instead of discarding it
  • Fixed an issue where JobMonitors would alert unexpectedly due to slight clock skew. If the reported time of the job (from the wrapper script) is more than a minute different from Santaba time, we’ll use Santaba time
  • Fixed a condition that could potentially hang the Watchdog and prevent Collector upgrades