EA Collector – 28.500

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


  • Collector installer now uses Bash and interfaces with systemd. If you download 28.500 on v120 it will still use Perl.
  • !logsurf debug command will now show details for Test Script.
  • PIDs are now logged for troubleshooting external scripts.


  • Fixed bug that broke SNMP collection when two resources have the same IP address and different host names.
  • Avoid potential false No Data reported for Ping data collection when restarting Collector.
  • Fixed issue that would cause some NetFlow v9 data to be discarded in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue that would cause Ping check to errantly return status 24 in edge cases.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the syslog collector.
  • Fixed bug that would cause JDBC collection to fail if special characters were in the URL.