EA Collector – 29.101

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

Known issues in this version:

  • LogicMonitor’s default use of SSE (Standalone Script Engine) to execute script DataSources is causing some LogicModules (notably Cisco Meraki DataSources) to fail to execute properly on this Collector version. As a workaround, you can disable SSE in the Collector’s configurations by updating the value of the groovy.script.runner setting to “agent”. See Editing the Collector Config Files for instructions on editing Collector configurations.

    Note: This issue is resolved in EA 29.106.


  • Upgraded the JDK to Amazon Corretto
  • NetScan Groovy scripts are now run in the SSE.
  • NBAR slots support for Direction, IPv6, Application.
  • Linux Collector uninstaller will remove its modifications to /etc/sudoers, stop the service, and remove the service symlink.


  • Fixed issue that would cause PropertySource output to be parsed incorrectly if more than one property was to be set.
  • Fixed issue in 29.100 on Windows where custom install path was ignored.
  • NetFlow collection properly discards negative values.