EA Collector – 29.104

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

Known issues in this version:

  • LogicMonitor’s default use of SSE (Standalone Script Engine) to execute script DataSources is causing some LogicModules (notably Cisco Meraki DataSources) to fail to execute properly on this Collector version. As a workaround, you can disable SSE in the Collector’s configurations by updating the value of the groovy.script.runner setting to “agent”. See Editing the Collector Config Files for instructions on editing Collector configurations.

    Note: This issue is resolved in EA 29.106.


  • Support for LM Logs has been added.
  • Upgraded Amazon Java Corretto to (October 2020 quarterly update). The Windows Collector has been upgraded to, which includes a Windows-only fix in addition to the quarterly update.
  • Support for the Suppress duplicate EventIDs even when messages differ option has been added. This option resides on the configuration dialog for Windows Event Log EventSources and allows you to override the default suppression that takes place for events with identical EventIDs.
  • Upgraded included JBoss Java libraries from 2.0.0 to 2.0.10.
  • The !splist debug command now shows the name of the PropertySource in addition to its ID.
  • Removed unused syslog related directives from the agent.conf file.
  • Enhanced logging for ignored received syslog messages.
  • Performance improvements for Windows Event Log EventSources.
  • Various minor security improvements.
  • Updated the default value of the collector.batchscript.threadpool configuration to 20 threads to support LogicMonitor’s increasing reliance on BatchScript in DataSources.
  • Implemented aggregation logic to preserve remaining network flow traffic as “remaining traffic” to persist values to equal bandwidth records.


  • Excessive DNS lookups are now avoided through the utilization of the local cache with LM Logs.
  • An issue causing Script EventSources to not properly report events when running in the SSE has been resolved.
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