EA Collector 32.100

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

LogicMonitor EA Collector 32.100 was released on June 3, 2022 and includes the following updates and fixes:


We made the following improvements to the Netscan policy:

  • You can now configure Netscan policies individually to include or exclude network and broadcast addresses when scanning CIDR ranges. 
  • We added a new toggle on the Netscan UI. If the toggle is disabled, the Netscan policy does not scan the network or broadcast address when passed a CIDR range. If it is enabled, the Netscan policy will include the network and broadcast addresses for any CIDR ranges it is scanning. This toggle is applicable only for CIDR notation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Collector bootstrap installation failed when trying to reuse the bootstrap installation binary.
  • Fixed an issue where the remote session failed to connect because in the agent.conf file the Collector proxy properties (proxy.host and proxy.port) were not populated.

Known Issue

  • The Collector versions are known to have memory leak issues with IPMI on Windows Server 2019. We recommend using Windows Server 2022 on Collectors that need to monitor devices with IPMI.

Looking Ahead

  • As most of the customers have already migrated to script based DataSources to monitor MongoDB instances, with the upcoming LogicMonitor EA Collector 32.200 we will no longer have MONGO as a separate Collector Type. You can still monitor MongoDB resources using other Collector Types. For more information, see MongoDB Monitoring. We do not expect this to impact many customers. For more information, see MongoBD Collector Type Removal Notice.