EA Collector 32.400

Last updated on 13 December, 2022

LogicMonitor EA Collector 32.400 is released on September 22, 2022 and includes the following updates.


  • Upgraded Corretto JRE version to to mitigate Xalan (XSLT) parsing vulnerability CVE-2022-34169.
  • To resolve the delay in log ingestion, we removed the synchronisation added to send logs to ingest API. We also verified that the existing flow of logs is working.
  • If the updateToNonRoot.sh script fails to migrate Linux Collector from root to non-root, or if there are any issues after migration, customers can now run the revertToRootUser.sh script to roll back migration. The script is available in the agent/bin folder.
  • As most of the customers do not use jt400-full-6.0.jar (IBM iSeries/AS400 JAR) in core LogicMonitor DataSources to monitor IBM I series databases, we have removed support for this file.
  • Since mail.jar is rarely used in Collector, we removed it from Collector codebase. We replaced it with jakarta.mail-2.0.1.jar.
  • The Synthetics Selenium collection will now retry all commands rather than a specific subset, so that customer tests will be more resilient to failures due to minor timing discrepancies. Also, instead of maintaining multiple jars of the Synthetic library, we have now consolidated them in an all-in-one jar in the synthetics-monitoring-all-in-one:1.0.0-RC2.
  • Improved the Enhanced Script NetScan feature by enabling NetScan to assign a single device to multiple resource groups.
  • Collectors can receive SNMP traps, but they can only use one SNMP community string (V1 and V2C) or a set of credentials (V3) to decrypt the traps. This does not work if users have multiple systems sending traps with different community strings to the same Collector. To bridge this gap, users can now override eventcollector.snmptrap.* by setting that as a host property on the device. Collector will first check for the host property before checking agent.conf when decrypting a trap. If it is not specified in the host property, then it falls back on agent.conf eventcollector.snmptrap.*
  • We added LM Log: Script type to LogSources. Using Groovy script you can now collect logs from scripts/APIs and send them to LogicMonitor. There is no need to separately create datasources to send logs from scripts to LogicMonitor. Instead, you can directly use Script LogSource for the same.
  • It was reported that MBeans are not queried successfully because Collector does not support the first level attributes that contain dots, for example, jira-software.max.user.count. Collector treated it as composite attribute and split it based on the dots. To instruct Collector not to split the attribute, we added a backslash ( \ ) before a dot (.) such as jira-software\.max\.user\.count


  • It was reported that the currently used PostgreSQL JDBC jar version 42.3.2 is vulnerable to CVE-2022-31197. We therefore upgraded PostgreSQL JDBC jar to version 42.4.1.
  • Fixed an issue where redundant data was concatenated during polling using Windows and Linux Collector for OpenMetrics.