EA Collector 33.300

Last updated on 21 February, 2023

LogicMonitor EA Collector 33.300 is released on February 22, 2023. It is based on the previously released EA Collector 33.200 and includes the following additional updates.


  • Added the service.read_timeout_getconf property to the agent.conf setting. It specifies the HTTP read timeout for getConf API call made by collector to the Santaba server.
  • Enabled IPFIX NBAR data collection as per RFC-6759. It thus enables Application_ID detection from the Scope field of the Optional template which is part of the IPFIX NBAR flow.

Fixed Issues

  • Upgraded version of the following files for various minor security updates.
File/JAR Current VersionUpgraded Version
  • Fixed an issue where after upgrading to GD 33.001, certain datasources, if timed out during active discovery, led to an exception and exited the SPSE threads. As a result, the custom PowerShell scripted PropertySources and core LogicModules started to fail.
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