EA Collector 33.400

Last updated on 06 April, 2023

LogicMonitor EA Collector 33.400 is based on the previously released EA Collector 33.301. LogicMonitor EA Collector 33.400 is released on April 06, 2023 and includes the following updates.


  • Added Add additional SNMP v3 Credentials checkbox under Advanced NetScan for the ICMP ping method to provide multiple SNMP v3 credentials. In scenarios where you have large networks with different SNMP v3 credentials per device, or cases where the credentials and devices are not mapped, you can enable this feature to let collector scan the devices and identify the correct SNMP v3 credential configured for it.
    Note that we have introduced this feature as part of open beta. To use this feature, you must first enroll for the beta program. To enroll and to get more details, contact your LogicMonitor Customer Support Manager.
  • Configured the snmp.session.count.datacollecting property in the agent.conf to set the shared sessions count for SNMP v2c as per collector size:
Collector SizeProperty Value
Small, Medium, and Large4
Extra Large (XL) and Double Extra Large (XXL)16
  • Enabled the hostProps environment variable for accessing device properties in the !posh debug command. It will help troubleshoot issues in the script and batchscript logicmodules.
  • In Kubernetes collector, for the PortDiscoveryTask we can now use the host device IP to make host connection if the kubernetes.pod.hostNetwork property is enabled on the host.
  • Improved the logging ability of the CollectorServiceController.txt log file when non root user starts, stops, or restarts collector.
  • On the Collector Status Page we have added a new module status SignatureValueChangedForHealthCheckScripts for collector health check scripts. It indicates whether the health check scripts are modified or not before they are run. If the scripts are not modified, the module status message indicates that the signature is verified successfully and the scripts are not modified. If the scripts are modified, the message indicates that the signature mismatch is found and the scripts are modified. The message also lists names of the modified health check scripts.

Fixed Issues

  • Upgraded version of the following files for various minor security updates.
File/JARUpgraded Version
Amazon JAVA Correttojava-11-amazon-corretto-jdk_11.
  • Fixed an issue where when SELinux is enabled, the updateToNonRoot.sh script failed while migrating collector from root to non root user.
  • Fixed an issue where when vault properties are updated in the collector cache, all the existing tasks are removed and then rescheduled. This led to high CPU spike and issues during data collection. To fix this issue, when vault properties are updated, instead of rescheduling the existing tasks, the system reinitiates the tasks with updated vault properties.
  • Fixed an issue where the chronicle map of script cache crashed due to corrupt cache file and led to high CPU spike in collectors. As part of the fix, if the system finds a corrupt cache file, it is deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where when you use the updateToNonAdmin.ps1 script to migrate a collector running under user with administrator privileges to a domain user with non administrator privileges, the system erroneously indicated that the migration is successful, when in reality the collector had failed to migrate to non-admin user.
  • Fixed an issue where when a new active discovery is made, the existing multi instance datasources displayed inconsistency in the number of times data is polled. The issue occurred due to the extra properties added to the DataSource instance object after scheduling the task in collector. After fixing the issue, there is consistency of polls in datasource.
  • Fixed an issue where when you add special characters, backslash, or backtick to the host properties, the environment variable failed to run and as a result, PowerShell script crashed. As part of the fix, we have set all the host properties in a hostProps hash table. Customers can now directly access device properties.