Early Release Collector – 22.110

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

EA Collector 22.110 will be available August 16th, 2016 and includes the following improvements & bug fixes.

Note: Certain WMI collection tasks are timing out with this EA Collector Version.  We will be releasing a new EA Collector with a fix for this issue soon.


  • Added ILP support for SNMP Active Discovery (note that this feature requires v79).
  • You can now reference instance level properties from Complex Groovy-based Datapoints for all collection methods.

Bug Fixes:

  • The webpage collector wasn’t always working well for Collectors configured to communicate through a proxy. This was due to a change in the first 22 EA Collector, and has been corrected in this Collector version.
  • ILPs for WMI Active Discovery were case-sensitive – they are no longer case-sensitive.
  • ESX datasources for which instances were frequently being discovered and/or removed were resulting in the re-scheduling of all ESX data collection tasks for the device.  Now, ESX data collection tasks for existing instances are not re-scheduled when new instances are discovered. 
  • The majority of cases where WMI tasks were timing out with EA Collector 22.084 have been fixed with Collector version 22.110.