Early Release Collector – 22.142

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

EA Collector 22.142 will be available September 24, and focuses heavily on WMI data collection improvements.

Reminder: EA releases are considered beta updates.  These Collector versions do have new functionality, but they are not recommended for your entire infrastructure. 

EA 22.142 includes the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • If you inherit AWS credentials for an EC2 Netscan (i.e. if you already have the aws.accesskey and aws.accesskeyid properties set in your account), we will discover/update AWS tag and resource information for discovered EC2 instances.  If the following properties are set for EC2 instances added as normal devices: ec2.region, ec2.resourceid, aws.accesskey, aws.accesskeyid & system.categories, we will now discover AWS tag and resource information.
  • We’ve improved the !tlist results for SNMP tasks to make the reason for failed tasks clearer
  • Previously, installing a new Linux Collector on top of an existing Collector failed if the original Collector services weren’t stopped first.  This was because the new Collector was treated as a duplicate.  Now, installing a new Linux Collector on top of an existing Collector will stop the existing services & permit the new Collector to be successfully installed. 
  • This Collector version no longer supports the ‘only-value’ SNMP Active Discovery method introduced with EA 22.110.  This AD method was unnecessary (and therefore confusing), because LogicMonitor does not throw away instance history if an instance’s wildvalue changes when its alias stays the same.  The ‘value’ SNMP AD method should be used instead. 
  • The !tdetail debug command was improved to display instance level property information.
  • In some cases, a large netflow directory previously caused Collector restarts.  Netflow performance has been improved such that this will no longer happen. 


  • Corrected WMI timeout issues with EA 22.110
  • ICMP Netscan Policies configured with invalid IP ranges were taking a long time & failing to complete. The Collector now confirms the IP range is valid before attempting the scan.
  • Perfmon collection tasks were sometimes timing out for Collectors monitoring more than 200 devices, where many of those devices were dead
  • Passwords with spaces were preventing the Collector services from initially starting after Collector installation. Restarting the services worked as a solution, but we’ve improved how we handle spaces in passwords to prevent this issue in the future.
  • Eventsource alerts were displaying line numbers incorrectly in when lines were too long. We’ve changed how we handle long lines to resolve the issue.
  • WMI data collection wasn’t always working well when device DNS names or WMI namespaces contained a mix of upper & lower case letters. 
  • The Webpage collector for Collector version 22.110 was failing if http/https schema was specified in the datasource URL field.  This was because the schema was being prepended automatically as well.  We’ve corrected our logic to check if the schema is specified before prepending. 
  • If an incorrect password was specified in a JDBC datasource for an IBM DB2 AS400 database, the associated collection tasks would hang.  This was due to an option to prompt a GUI for incorrect passwords in our AS400 JDBC driver, and has been fixed. 
  • Certain Windows OS status codes weren’t being interpreted correctly, resulting in data collection attempts via an invalid connection.  We’ve updated how we interpret and respond to these statuses.