July 5th, 2012 feature announcement

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

A feature that made it into the last release, but did not make it into documentation – until now.
You can now use properties within event source filters.  This is a lot cooler than it sounds – it means you can now add one line to your event source filters, and use properties to customize what events match the event source. So you can set properties globally to exclude an event or events from all hosts; override that by setting the property per group; or override that on a host level.
Want to exclude event ID 123 from most hosts, have a group of hosts trigger on event ID 123 but not on 234 or 456, and a single host not trigger on any of these events?  You can now do all this with the same event source. Just set a FILTEREDEVENTS property on the top, host and group levels.
For more information, see the Host and Group level filtering section of the Windows Event Monitoring documentation.
Note: the property based filter will not be present in the event sources of current LogicMonitor accounts. (We avoid changing your monitoring once you are running.) You can just add in the following line to your event sources yourself, or contact support to have it done for you.