MGD Collector 22.005

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

At the beginning of this month we announced 22.004 as our new minimum Collector version.  We’ve since identified a somewhat uncommon scenario that 22.004 falls short in, and are releasing a new MGD 22.005.  With MGD 22.004, Collectors that are handling 3000+ Groovy script tasks, where the Groovy scripts reference ##WILDVALUE## for dynamic multi-instance data collection, may restart too frequently.  The restarting is due to a JDK 8 Metaspace OOM (out of memory) exception that occurs because of the memory needed to handle the ##WILDVALUE## syntax in Groovy scripts.  With MGD 22.005 we’ve removed the Metaspace memory limit and improved how the ##WILDVALUE## syntax is handled in Groovy scripts, decreasing the amount of memory needed.  We’ve tested this extensively, and believe it does solve the issue at hand. 

If you’ve already upgraded to 22.004 and haven’t noticed any issues, your Collectors may not be impacted by the current issue.  You are welcome to continue with version 22.004, and at this point in time you will not be forced to upgrade to 22.005.  That being said, we do believe that version 22.005 is better than version 22.004.

MGD 22.005 will be released October 19th, 2016, and we will start scheduling automatic upgrades for all Collectors below version 22.004 after November 18th.

Note: Websites that have certificates relying on SHA256withDSA as the signature algorithm may display SSL errors for Collector versions 20.074 or higher.  This is due to a known JDK 8 issue.  We plan to release a new EA Collector with an upgraded JRE as soon as possible.