MGD Collector – 28.005

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


LogicMonitor has designated the general deployment Collector version of GD 28.005, released in March, as the next MGD (minimum general deployment) Collector version.

On June 30, between 6 and 9 p.m. PT, all Collectors in your LogicMonitor platform below version GD 28.005 will be automatically updated to this new minimum version. At this time, we will also officially deprecate and stop supporting the previous minimum general deployment of MGD 27.005.

Although we strongly encourage you to upgrade your outdated Collectors on your own schedule, we do not believe you will experience any issues by waiting for the auto-upgrade on June 30. For instructions on upgrading your Collectors, see Managing Collectors.

This new MGD will be the last GD line to use JDK (Java SE Development Kit) 8. The first official release of JDK 11 is targeted for GD 29.000; the EA 28 line currently uses JDK 11.

Upgrade Highlights

Upon upgrading to version MGD 28.005 or, optionally, version EA or higher, you will have access to many new features and fixes. Several are highlighted next. For a complete list of new features and fixes across all Collector versions, visit Collector Versions.

MGD 28.005 Highlights

MGD 28.005 includes all of the new features introduced in the EA 27 line, as well as many fixes and optimizations. Highlights include:

  • PropertySource support for token replacement in PowerShell scripts
  • Support for NTLMv2 authentication via the wmi.authType property
  • More insightful error messages and diagnosis when using the Poll Now functionality
  • Remote Session support via Collectors configured to use proxies
  • Improved metrics for SSE and Collector performance monitoring
  • Accurate parsing of Cisco syslog messages lacking a host for Syslog EventSources
  • Collector logging cleanup
  • SSL validation issue fix that was preventing successful Groovy script execution
  • Topology mapping support

EA 28 Highlights

For early access to additional features, consider upgrading to the early access version line of EA 28. Early access versions are updates that contain new beta functionality, but are not recommended for your entire infrastructure. Highlights include:

  • Ability for Collector to run without root on Linux, and without administrative privileges on Windows
  • CPU and memory use optimizations
  • AWS SDK upgrade (to 1.11.548)
  • JDK 11 support with up-to-date quarterly security patching
  • Linux installer is now a shell script and doesn’t rely on perl
  • Improved memory usage for Syslog Collector
  • MS SQL jar upgrade (to mssql-jdbc-7.4.1.jre11.jar)
  • Java keystore modifications are no longer overwritten on upgrade