MGD Collector 31.004

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

LogicMonitor MGD Collector 31.004 is released on August 30, 2022. It is based on the previously released GD Collector 31.004, and includes the following updates:



  • To mitigate the Fastjson “Auto Type Bypass” CVE-2022-25845 RCE vulnerability, we have upgraded Fastjson to version 1.2.83.
  • Issues were reported for batch script data collection due to multiple or no periods in the formation of instance name and datapoint name. For example, in the datasource the key value pair has multiple periods – keyvalue( and therefore it failed.
    We have fixed this issue. A datapoint now will not fail even if it has multiple periods or no periods.
  • An error was reported when installing Collector in the Kubernetes environment with proxy configuration. The installation failed due to a syntactical error.
    We have successfully fixed this issue. You can now install Collector in the Kubernetes environment.

Note: You can also upgrade to GD Collector – 32.002 as it includes a fix for a false Collector down event generated due to longer time taken to upgrade.