Minimum Required Collector – 24.002

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

We’re announcing Collector version 24.002 as the new minimum required (MGD) Collector, which will be available Thursday, June 29th. We’re confident that this version is stable, and highly encourage that you upgrade all of your Collectors to this version as soon as possible.  

If you fail to upgrade before August 28th (originally July 31st), we will upgrade your Collectors automatically. It is recommended that you upgrade prior to this date in case an issue arises during upgrade that requires your attention.  

In comparison to Collector 24.001, we have made the following improvements:

  • Improved the logic behind the Collector upgrade process to ensure that custom script and jar files are not inadvertently deleted during upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue causing double backslashes to be interpreted incorrectly in Powershell scripts.
  • Improved DNS resolve to prevent service checks from failing due to containing “://”.  

Please note that starting with this Collector, we will no longer support Windows Server 2003 as a Collector device. If you are still running Windows Server 2003 in your datacenter, you will need to take steps to migrate your collectors to a different device prior to the auto-upgrade.