Minor release, February 2013

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Minor release for Feb 28, 2013, which will be applied during the standard maintenance window.

New Feature

  • There is now the ability to set a users View Permission. This controls which tabs are visible to the user in the UI. This setting overrides settings in Roles. (e.g. a user associated with a role with permission to view hosts can have the ability to view hosts removed by clearing this permission.)  Currently this feature applies only to users – it will be added to Roles at a later date.


  • A new datasource available to be imported – VMware resource pool monitoring.
  • Extension to the API getGraphData, so that custom graph data can be downloaded
  • A new token ##STARTEPOCH## is available for use in alert templates, which is replaced with the time (in unix epoch time) when this alert started. Useful for creating unique alert identifiers.
  • Account payment management buttons to add/update credit cards are temporarily removed, while we update our backend billing system. In the interim, please contact our Billing department to set up or change credit card payments: [email protected] 888 415 6442, select option 3

Bugs Corrected

  • There was an issue with the release of the LogicMonitor proxies: where the collector was blocked from connection to the LogicMonitor application proxies by a transparent proxy at the customer’s location, and received (correctly) an incorrect SSL certificate, it blocked the collector from reporting data. This has been corrected, along with some log message discrepancies in switching to the application proxies.  Note: we are not pushing the collector upgrade during this minor release.  We believe we have identified and addressed any customers affected by this, but if you reconfigure your network so that your collector has to transit a transparent proxy that blocks the LogicMonitor proxies, you may be affected and should re-install the collector.
  • Corrected an error that could lead to NetScan adding hosts with an empty hostname, which could lead to collector failures
  • Adds the ability to SDT HOST via email for event alerts (while SDT replies worked for the event source, they did not support SDTing the entire host.)
  • Corrected a bug that led to some bi-weekly scheduled reports being sent many of times
  • Corrected an issue that led to the “No global thresholds” option not being able to be disabled on the Alert Threshold Report
  • Corrected and issue that led to duplicate alerts in the alert report (from alerts tab)
  • Corrected an issue that led to 64 bit Windows collectors being unable to use integrated authentication with Sql Server.
  • Corrected an issue that led to tokens in alert templates being treated case sensitively, incorrectly.
  • Corrected an issue with netflow data display incorrectly if the byte value is more than 1G.
  • “Manage Scheduled Downtime” from the More.. button did not function
  • A bug was introduced in the last release that prevented Alert Cleared messages for Collector Down alerts. This has been corrected.
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