Minor Release – June

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

June’s minor release, applied during the standard maintenance window.  Along with ongoing API and performance enhancements, this release includes the following:
Changes to reports and widgets:
Tired of waiting for a report to load?  Have a widget that never seems to refresh in time? Have a flexible graph that line colors keep changing?  It’s painful for us too, so we’ve made the following changes.

  • If you need a large report, we won’t make you sit and wait.  We’ll run it and send it to you in an email.  Reports that exceed our ‘instantaneous’ threshold will prompt you for your email address.
  • Widgets now have a limit of maximum instances that can be included.  Don’t worry, it’s high, but to guarantee we can display data within your refresh window we recommend reports for the data intensive views.
  • Lines in flexible graphs will remain the same when a widget refreshes in a dashboard.


  • Alert throttled messaging for custom alerts has been improved to replace tokens with the correlated alert throttle information

Bug Fixes:
Along with a handful of typos that we now deny existed, we’ve fixed the following:

  • Hosts and alerts were occasionally displaying as an incorrect color after ACK or SDT
  • Public used to be treated as the default SNMP community, so if a new host was added to a group with a non-public community, the group community would change. We don’t do that anymore.
  • Inconsistency with how group disabled alerts were displayed on hosts.
  • When viewing a group, host cluster alert thresholds could not be edited directly from the alerts tab.