September 2011 Release

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Release notes for the September, 2011 LogicMonitor release, which will be applied to servers over the next week or so. (Account administrators will be notified about the applicable update time.)

New Features

  • Datasources that support multiple-instances (wildcard datasources) are no longer identified by the name ending in a hyphen (which was just something you had to know, without any UI hint), but by whether the multi-instance checkbox is selected in the UI.
  • integrated billing: LogicMonitor now supports integrated billing, which gives us much more flexibility in pricing – no more adding hosts only in blocks of 25.  We’ll be in touch to discuss your pricing options, and whether you want to stay on your current pricing scheme. (Entirely up to you.)
  • new graphing engine.  We’ve adopted a java script graphing engine, replacing the Flash based previous version.  This means: no need for flash; better graph resolution; drag-to-select for zooming; native graph support on iphone/ipad, etc.
  • external website monitoring open beta.  The Services tab will allow you to monitor your web sites from multiple locations around the internet – not just that of your agent. This will be a for-fee service, but it’s free for now (and also a bit unpolished.)
  • Revamped network discovery scan system.  Discovery policies can now be associated with multiple agents, and agents can be associated with multiple policies.
  • Composite Datapoints are now treated as regular datapoints. “So what?” you say.  This means they can be graphed, and reported on, and used in flexible dashboard graphs directly, instead of having to be re-defined in the graph, or report, or dashboard graph.
  • Datapoints are now defined via a form based editor, which provides much greater guidance.
  • Alert Reports can now present summarized report counts, so it’s easy to see the source of alert noise.
  • Groovy scripts and postprocessor can now access system properties directly: hostProps.get(“system.hostname”);
  • Datasource audits: you can now verify any differences between LogicMonitor core datasources and your own datasources, and the system will mark the datasource as audited until the datasource is updated at LogicMonitor core.
  • Instance thresholds are kept if an instance is removed in discovery, then discovered again within 30 days.
  • Availability of predefined Windows event log sources for IIS, SQL server, general system monitoring. (Exchange events are coming soon.)
  • Active Discovery is automatically suspended during SDTs
  • IPMI severity levels automatically mapped to LM severity
  • Addition of filterSDT parameter to GetAlerts API to only show alerts not in SDT.
  • ability to access JMX calls from agent scripts via groovy
  • Addition of join() and exists() LMS functions
  • Ability to access all host properties as alert tokens (except group membership – coming next release.)

UI Changes

  • Ack icons changed
  • Improved windows event display
  • dropped support for “scale by 1024”. This is better dealt with in graphs by calculating scale in the graph. (ie. dividing by 1024/1024/1024 to covert to GB, etc)

New Datasources

  • Mongodb
  • APC air conditioning units
  • Juniper and Extreme switches and routers
  • Fortinet firewalls
  • Zookeeper

Bugs Fixed

  • Make Ports list in AD_jmx support same formats as AD_port
  • user-agent “LogicMonitor” not used in active discovery
  • clean up Windows Event Log filter options, and several bugs in event log filtering
  • Dynamic host groups involving functions not refreshed correctly
  • The incorrect agent was shown in the UI in a mouseover after an agent failover