v.107 Release: Even Stronger Account Security

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

The v.107 release will be rolled out to customers throughout mid-July.

You may have noticed our releases are smaller recently- and that’s intentional! We are working hard to deliver some awesome major features. Stay tuned!


  • We have further strengthened LogicMonitor’s security against brute force attacks. Among other improvements, CAPTCHA will start after 5 failed login attempts and accounts are locked after ~20 failed attempts.
  • Time Range selectors now support “Last Calendar Month” as an option.
  • Upon creating a Custom Graph Widget, the default for “minimum graph range” will be set to Auto instead of Zero.
  • We’ve published the ability to delete DataSources with our REST API.
  • Consolidated same-family services in the AWS and Azure configuration dialogs (e.g. Application, Network and Classic Load Balancers) to make setup and management easier.
  • Added support for JobMonitor on mobile app.
  • The Alert Report now supports Tokens as Column Names.
  • Filtering on endEpoch wasn’t always working well for the alerts resource. Specifically, a filter to return alerts that ended before a certain time would also return active alerts. This has been corrected.