v.63 Release: New Widgets and AWS Improvements

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

You may have noticed we snuck in a new widget last month, the HTML widget which enables you to display any secure webpage or URL within your dashboard. This month brings you a new NOC widget as well as Pie, Big Number, and Gauge widgets which enable you to distill some of your data intensive graphs into meaningful metrics for your business.

New NOC Widget

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.51.36 PM

The new and improved NOC widget has all the functionality from previous versions, along with the ability to:

  • Select specific alert levels to show.
  • Include Device Groups, Devices, DataSources, Instances, and DataPoints
  • See entities that are not in alert represented with green
  • Get an at a glance view of your infrastructure or application

See our help documentation for more information about the new NOC widget and how to configure it.

Big Number Widget

Whether your business measures success based on a the current value of a single metric, the aggregate value of metrics across devices, a value from your database, or a combination of any of the above, you can easily represent it in an at a glance view with the Big Number Widget.

For more information about the Big Number widget and how to configure it, see this page.

Gauge Widget

If the metric you’re keeping an eye on has a relative value, or is most meaningful to you as an aggregate value compared to a max, the Gauge widget may be your favorite new LogicMonitor feature. 

For more information on the new Gauge Widget and how to configure it, see our documentation.

Pie Widget

The Pie widget made a sneak appearance in Network Traffic Flow analysis, and is now available for which ever data you feel is best represented in it’s delicious pie form.

For more information about the Pie Widget and how to configure it, see this page.

Give the widgets a try and let us know what you think.  What’s the most creative and meaningful way you can put them to use?

AWS Improvements

The AWS Monitoring (Beta) auto-discovers your AWS resources based on your API user access, services, locations, and tags. Equally important to auto discovering dynamic AWS resources is auto deleting them when monitoring information is no longer needed.  This can be done in a few ways.

  • When a service or region is removed, users will be able to immediately delete all associated instances.
  • A Cloud Group or specific service can be configured to have dead instances automatically deleted immediately or after 7 days.

To make AWS configuration simpler, a default section has been added for setup, enabling you to set your most common regions and tags:

AWS monitoring will remain free throughout the beta period, billing will commence with the Commercial Release on August 1st.  To give it a try, contact Support.

Beta UI Improvements

Raw Data is back!

  • Remote Session has also been added to the Beta UI.  While deprecated, it will remain available through at least the rest of the year.
  • ‘Last Action’ timestamp has been added to the Users section in the Settings tab
  • The detail view for widgets displays friendly timezone information
  • Added ability to clone widgets to different dashboards
  • Improved Services role based access control to reflect the Manage, View, Acknowledge rights that are available for Devices
  • Min, Max, and Average available in the expanded widget view
  • Added ‘Graph Definition’ to the listed options for instance view graphs, enabling easy access to the Datasource graph configuration
  • The Settings tab view will default to the last section visited
  • The debug window can be resized as needed
  • Hover tips available for all levels of the Device tree
  • SDT tables have been added to help distinguish between active, upcoming, and repeat Scheduled Down Times
  • Device and Instance Alert History available for last 30 days
  • Corrections to time based escalation chains

Other Improvements

  • The Short URL to link to the mobile alert page now points to the full mobile view
  • User logout will no longer be recorded in the Access Log to keep from cluttering the meaningful entries
  • Adjusted the ConnectWise integration to utilize the new ConnectWise API, addressing issues with alternate boards
  • Overall services alerts will update with the number of site monitors in alert if the count changes

Bug fixes

  • Addressed an issue with the Alert Trends report where incorrect hosts were included
  • Datasources were appearing in the Import list if there was a difference in the order of datapoints
  • Alerts will be cleared if a threshold is removed
  • Alert rules have been fixed to always display in priority order in the beta UI