Configs Tab (New UI)

Last updated on 26 April, 2024

If you’re using ConfigSources to monitor a resource’s configuration files for changes, you can view the ConfigSource as instances within the Resources file.

Configurations Table

Highlight the ConfigSource in the Resource tree and select the Configs tab.

The Configs tab displays a table with the different configuration file versions and alert details:

  • Version – The configuration file’s version number. LogicMonitor stores a new version when a change is detected.
  • Created On – A timestamp when the config version was created.
  • Alerted/Cleared On – A timestamp for when the alert was triggered and cleared.
  • Alert Severity – The severity of the alert: Critical, Warning, and Error. Also, Cleared alerts.
  • Type – The type of config check was made. For more information, see Config Checks.
  • Alert Summary – The alert message or description.

You can filter the table for a specific version, alert severity, or cleared status. For example, if you select Alert Severity > Warning, the table will display warning-level alerts and the associated config changes that triggered those alerts.

You can also manually check for changes. If a change exists between the current file, the ConfigSource will collect it and update the table.

Configuration Details Panel

Below the configurations table is a details panel with tabs to view the configuration changes, compare configuration versions, and view alert details.

In each of the tabs, you can:

  • Download – Select to download the full version of the selected configuration file to your device.
  • View Fullscreen – Select to expand the details panel to full screen to view the changes.
  • Copy – Select to copy the file to your clipboard.

View Configuration Changes

The View Config tab displays the full configuration file, a timestamp for when the version was created, and a count of the additions and deletions made to the file.

The changes made to the selected version of the configuration file are color-coded:

  • Green-highlighted lines and text indicate content that has been added.
  • Red-highlighted lines and text indicate content that has been removed.

Compare Configuration Versions

The Compare tab displays two versions of the configuration file side-by-side, highlighting the additions and deletions between the two files. By default, you will compare the current config versions you want to compare.

When comparing versions, you can view all changes or only diffs. You can also use the Exclusion filter to view specific diffs that triggered the alert:

  • Exclusions > Yes – Limit the diff to show only the changes that triggered the diff check.
  • Exclusions > No – Show all differences.

View Alert Details

The Alert Overview tab consolidates the alerts details in the table and provides more information such as Alert ID, Duration, and other settings.

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