Office 365 ConfigSources

Last updated on 14 November, 2022

The LogicMonitor Office 365 ConfigSources use a Microsoft Azure PowerShell application to monitor the configuration of an organization’s Office 365 Exchange Online Service. They no longer use basic authentication (deprecated by Microsoft on October 1, 2022).

Note: Refer to the Microsoft guidance for setting up an Azure PowerShell application.

Setup Requirements

  • LogicMonitor Windows Collector
  • Gather the following information from Microsoft Azure:
    • Application ID
    • Self-signed certificate
    • The certificate password
    • Name of the organization
  • Follow the Microsoft guidance for a self-signed certificate and place that certificate on the LogicMonitor collector in a location that the collector can access.

Assign Properties to a Resource

For each Office 365 Organization, a LogicMonitor Resource must exist with the following custom host properties. For more information on setting properties, see Resource and Instance Properties.

office365.appidAzure Application ID
office365.certificatefilepathThe path on the collector to the certificate used on the collector
office365.certificatepasswordThe password for the certificate on the collector
office365.organizationSame as the former tenant name (Example: <sitename>

Migrate Existing Installations

Follow these steps to migrate existing installations:

  1. Create the Azure application. For more information, see Adding Your Azure Environment to LogicMonitor
  2. Add the properties to the O365 resource in LogicMonitor. For more information, see Resource and Instance Properties.
  3. Import the new ConfigSources. For more information, see Managing ConfigSources.

Note: The new ConfigSources generate an alert the first time they are run. The format of the configuration has been updated to ensure all columns display in the data.

LogicModules in Package

LogicMonitor’s ConfigSources for O365:

Office365_ExchangeOnline_GroupsConfigSourceMonitors the config group objects. Returns security groups, mail-enabled security groups, distribution groups, and role groups.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_MailboxesConfigSourceMonitors the Exchange mailbox configs.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_ManagementRolesConfigSourceMonitors the Exchange management role objects in your organization.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_MobileDeviceMailboxPolicyConfigSourceMonitors Exchange mobile device mailbox policy config.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_MobileDevicesConfigSourceMonitors Exchange mobile device config for identification, configuration, and status information for each mobile device.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_OrganizationConfigSourceMonitors Exchange organization config.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_OWAMailboxPolicyConfigSourceMonitors Exchange Outlook on the web mailbox policies in the organization.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_TransportConfigConfigSourceMonitors Exchange organization-wide transport configuration settings.
Office365_ExchangeOnline_UsersConfigSourceMonitors Exchange users in your organization.Important: This ConfigSource will not work with large organizations of >1,000 users.
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