Managing Device Details

The "Manage" button in the device detail page allows for management of device details, including groups the device belongs to, device name and IP address, preferred collector, and more. You can access the "Manage Device" dialog from the Devices Tab | Manage: 

From this "Manage" dialog, the device IP, Name, Description, and other details can be updated.


IP Address/DNS name

The IP Address or DNS name used by the collector to communicate with the device.


Display name of the device.  This is used throughout the application to reference the device.  Changing the display name can impact dashboards, reports, and alert rules. 


Description of the device.  Content matches will display in the device search.

Link to URL

A device icon will display next to the device name if a link exists.  Most commonly used to link to management portals or troubleshooting documentation. 

Enable alerting

If unchecked, device data will be collected but no alerts will be generated.

Enable Netflow Analysis

Netflow (or Network Traffic Flow Analysis) data can be monitored for any device with sflow, jflow, or netflow information.  Device configuration is required.  A separate netflow collector can be assigned.

Collector Group

This field will filter the subsequent "Preferred Collector." Only Collectors that belong to the designated Collector Group can be chosen to collect data from this device.

Preferred Collector

The Collector which will communicate with the device to collect monitoring data.  A backup Collector may be assigned in the case of a Collector failover.


Device groups the device is a member of.  This influences dashboard and report creation, as well as property and threshold inheritance.  Only manual groups can be assigned, dynamic groups will automatically apply.


Device properties can be assigned.  Properties that are not assigned will be inherited from parent groups.  Properties from the lowest level group take priority.