Monitoring Cloud Service Limit Utilization

Last updated on 28 April, 2024

In addition to monitoring cloud resource health and performance, we recommend that you monitor your cloud provider as a service you rely on. This means monitoring account level metrics that could impact the availability and/or performance of your resources, such as availability & service limit utilization.

Hitting the service and region specific limits imposed by AWS and Azure can impact your ability to scale your applications. For example, hitting your EC2 service limit can prevent an Auto Scaling group from scaling to support the load of your application. With LogicMonitor’s suite of AWS and Azure Service Limit DataSources you’ll not only get out of the box monitoring for your service limits, but you’ll also benefit from LogicMonitor’s built in thresholds and receive alerts when you’re above a reasonable utilization percentage. The data collection for these DataSources occurs via a LogicMonitor maintained Cloud Collector.

LogicMonitor currently has the following DataSources for monitoring service limits:

  • AWS_EC2_ServiceLimits (limits per region)
  • AWS_SES_ServiceLimits
  • AWS_AutoScaling_ServiceLimits
  • Azure_VM_ServiceLimits
  • Azure_Storage_ServiceLimits
  • Azure_Network_ServiceLimits
  • AWS_ClassicELB_ServiceLimits
  • AWS_EC2_TrustedAdvisorServiceLimits (limits per instance type)

Each of these DataSources discovers regions as instances (per subscription for Azure) and monitors limits, usage, and percent usage.