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Setting up Kubernetes Logs Ingestion

LogicMonitor provides a Kubernetes integration which you can set up to forward your Kubernetes logs to LM Logs.



The Kubernetes configuration for LM Logs is deployed as a Helm chart.

1. Add the LogicMonitor Helm repository: 

helm repo add logicmonitor

If you already have the LogicMonitor Helm repository, you should update it to get the latest charts:

helm repo update

2. Install the lm-logs chart, filling in the required values:

helm install -n <namespace> \
--set lm_company_name="<lm_company_name>" \
--set lm_access_id="<lm_access_id>" \
--set lm_access_key="<lm_access_key>" \
lm-logs logicmonitor/lm-logs

Resource Mapping

Resource mapping for Kubernetes is handled by the Fluentd plugin.

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