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RPC API: Add a Dashboard

Note that LogicMonitor does have an available REST API equivalent for this API call.

Dashboards allow you to collect a customized, strategic view of your systems, presented in the way that is most relevant to you and your business. Each user can have several dashboards, each presenting a different view of the LogicMonitor system.  LogicMonitor’s RPC createDashboard enables you to create a new dashboard.

Note: As with all our API calls, authentication is required.





Request Parameters: You can include the following as query parameters in a createDashboard request:




name String Required. The name of the new dashboard.
description String Optional. The description to be associated with the new dashboard.
sharable Boolean Optional. When true, this value indicates that the new dashboard can be shared across users. When false, this value indicates that the new dashboard is a private dashboard. This value defaults to false.


All outputs will be in the format: { [status], [data], [errmsg] }, where status is the status of the response, errmsg is the error message associated with the response, and the data object includes the following:

  • id
  • name
  • description
  • sharable
  • adminId (note that this value is equal to 0 when the dashboard sharable value is true)




curl ""


  "status": 200,
  "data": {"dashboard": {
    "widgetsOrder": "",
    "id": 52,
    "adminId": 4,
    "description": "",
    "sharable": false,
    "name": "MyDashboard",
    "widgetsConfig": "",
    "folderId": 1
  "errmsg": "OK"


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