What if my Collector goes down?

A Collector is declared down when LogicMonitor's servers have not heard from it for 5 minutes.  If a collector is temporarily unable to report data back to the LogicMonitor service, it will buffer the data locally, and send it to the LogicMonitor servers when connectivity is restored.  The time that the collector can buffer data for is dependent on the amount of data being collected.  On a fairly idle system, this could be up to an hour. On a busy collector collecting hundreds of metrics per second, it may only be a few minutes.  Because a Collector going down can interrupt data collection and monitoring for your devices, you should ensure that you minimize or avoid downtime to the extent possible.  You should consider the following practices:

  • Ensure that you've configured an Escalation Chain for Collector Down alerts to be routed to, so that you are alerted when an issue does occur
  • Configure backup Collectors to ensure that monitoring continues in the event a Collector goes down

If the server with your collector needs to be taken offline or goes out of service, you can easily re-install your collector on a new server to resume monitoring. Ideally you should re-install your collector on a new server that is similar or identical to the original server to avoid configuration changes that could possibly disrupt monitoring.


Routing Collector Down Alerts

Collector down alerts trigger alert notifications slightly differently than typical device alerts do - no alert rule is required to route collector down notifications.  Simply specify an escalation chain and resend interval in the Manage settings for your Collector to ensure that Collector down alerts are routed to the appropriate individuals within your company.  

Note that when a Collector is declared down, all alert notifications from the devices monitored by that Collector are suppressed. However, alerts for these devices will still appear in your account.

To configure where Collector down alert notifications go, navigate to Settings | Collectors and select Manage for the desired Collector.  From the Manage dialog you will be able to specify an escalation chain that Collector down alerts will be routed to, and a resend interval that controls how much time should pass before the Collector down alert notifications are escalated (to the next stage in the escalation chain) or resent (in the case the notification is at the last or only stage in the escalation chain) until the alert is acknowledged or cleared.

Routing Collector Down Alerts